Best Distance Irons for seniors



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    Happened upon this video and it was interesting. At one point during the fitting, he got an additional 17 yds over his current club. I don't know about you, but to me that's a lot of distance being picked up. On a side note, would really like to see BenRoss clubs here in the states.
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    Have to suggest the Tour Edge Iron Woods. I think the most recent version is the Hot Launch 3. This is an all hybrid set that can be purchased very reasonably. Great clubs.
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    youraway2 wrote:

    I'm 74, been playing TM 2008 Tour Burner R-flex, graphite shafted irons since 2008, loved them. The last year I felt I was starting to lose distance and many less than solid strikes. I was having trouble getting 140 out of a six-iron. Of course it was my swing and tempo, but I decided a new set of irons was what I needed. I've been down this road before only to go back to the TM's, more than once. This time I purchased a set of PXG irons with Aerotech steel fiber shafts, R flex. Loved them, but staring hitting them frequently near the toe. So, decided to pull the trigger on a set of CF-16's with 760 ES Recoil shafts and now I'm striking the ball better than ever. My lost distance has returned and the feeling at compact, awesome. So, even though CF-16's are not supposed to be forgiving, but for me, they are and my 6-iron easily obtains 150-60 yards.

    I tried my 2008 TM's again, and wouldn't ever consider playing them. The PXG's are really nice, but have been assigned as a back-up set, to play once in a while. The CF-16's are staying in the bag for now, at least until I try the CF-19's.

    Bottom line, you must like the look, like the feel, and like the shaft. I do believe Recoil shafts are hard to beat, especially for a senior like me.

    You playing regular (F3) or stiff (F4) in your Recoils?. I played Recoil i95 F3 in my Apex (before cf16 Apex) for a few years and they were ok but asking because I hear the 760/780 recoils play a bit softer and might consider F4s now. Then again I turned 72 yesterday however 50 years of religiously running or gym 5-7 days a week have kept me somewhat strong. My problem is parts continue to need replacement !!! Running and Div I football took it's toll on my body now years afterwards.
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