Rangefinder technology maxed out?

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After having my rangefinder stolen last year and debating which unit to replace it with I got to thinking. What’s left for rangefinder technology ? They are already really fast, really accurate and hand held size...is it worth waiting for a new model in 2019 or just suck it up and buy a replacement already given the changes these days are so minor (acquires target .3 seconds faster for example)?


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    I have a non-slope laser that works just fine for my game (Bushnell V4). The only other practical feature I can imagine in the future would be built-in thermometer with temperature compensating algorithm.
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    Size and battery life are the only things that can be improved.

    Unless you want to go with crazy good optics. I never thought there would be much difference with optic quality until I was looking at binoculars and compared some Bushnells to the Swarovski ones. But that was in the $4000+ range. Nice to have that kind of money.
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    Garmin introduced the the Z80. It is a range finder that also offers a view of the hole on the left side of the screen. A GPS and range finder in one hand held unit. My guess is that this will raise the bar for the other major range finder players. The first iterations may be glitchy but.....
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    How about a pair of Oakley’s, you push a button and it appears on the lens! Hey, a man can dream...
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    it's a laser bro. and in using it for golf we don't shoot targets that are really far away, for the tech they're actually ridiculously short distances. just research how far ones for long range shooting need to go image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />.

    go buy a Leupold GX-3i and get on with your day.
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    The next big thing for laser range finders is optical stability. There's only one company with it now and I expect more to will have it.

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    cristphoto wrote:

    I have a non-slope laser that works just fine for my game (Bushnell V4). The only other practical feature I can imagine in the future would be built-in thermometer with temperature compensating algorithm.

    Leupold has the temperature compensating algorithm but you need to manually set the temperature.
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    Dont think there is anything for 2019 that is a game changer, the technology has been pushed about as far as it can go and everything new is just a add-on. Until you get laser yardage on your phone i don't see anything worth paying additional dollars for, yes Garmin does have some cool technology but at this point its not dialed in and too expensive. You can buy several great Lasers around $179 that do the job beautifully, no need to spend more unless you just have to have a "Name brand" and over pay...no names mentioned!
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    Size, battery life, and hybrid versions are it.

    Hybrid rangefinders will become the norm I guess, and they'll work on extending battery life with every new unit, and probably say their GPS has improved when realistically it probably won't have.
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