Golf New Years Resolution- This time next year this is what I want improved...



  • Nick6771Nick6771 Members Posts: 362 ✭✭
    1. To end the year with the clubs I'm using now
    2. To spend the money I would have done on club purchases on lessons instead
    3. To get "golf fit"
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    Primary Goal: Keep the lower back healthy (and rest of the body) to play a full, consistent season.

    Secondary Goal: Work on the driver, keeping it in play (for the most part).

    Alternative Goal: Play more often. Played mainly in my league (every Friday when I could with back issues) and a couple tournaments. Didn't play many recreational rounds or practice at the range.
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    I would like to lose 50lbs and get my swing speed back up to 112-115 and get my scores back to the mid to high 70's. Also I know this will happen but I want to enjoy more rounds of golf with my 8 year old son soon to be 9.
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  • tocinotocino Members Posts: 2,259 ✭✭
    • Keep better track of my stats to see where I need to improve/make adjustments
    • Get in overall better shape than i was the last few years
    • play more than twice a month
  • Mr. GrumpyMr. Grumpy The Quintana Changeup, sit em dwn Members Posts: 2,292 ✭✭
    Much of last year lost to knee injury/surgery and the first 3 rounds this year already say putting practice needs to be #1.

    1. Commit to proper putting practice - 3 putts are happening much too often.

    2. More work 150 and in

    3. Walk/carry/push more

    4. Improve fitness, 53 was not a good year...
  • Hacker541Hacker541 Members Posts: 55 ✭✭
    honestveek wrote:

    Break 80

    Be less fat

    Stop being a headcase when things go wrong

    Wow. It’s like we’re kindred spirits. I might have to print this post out and keep it in my pocket because you’ve nailed my entire hopes for 2019 both on and off the golf course in 3 simple sentences.
  • mikedejongmikedejong Members Posts: 619 ✭✭
    For a decent player (3 to 4 handicap) I have a pretty lousy short game. I chunk and skull chips sometimes. I don’t make as many putts as I want to. This year I am going to hit fewer balls and actually work on my short game. Maybe take a lesson or two. I have come to the conclusion that I will never hit it 300 yards but I can certainly chip and putt better. That’s my goal for this year.
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  • rxk9fanrxk9fan MidwestMembers Posts: 760 ✭✭
    I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks before seeing this great post.

    So, my goal...shut up, move on, and hit better shots if I don't like how the last one turned out!!
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    I am thinking about playing golf next year instead of HOing clubs!  
    Oh, changed my mind and still HOing ....but HC finally moving in the right direction.
    Definitions: HOing is changing any spot in your bag 3 or more times in a year
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  • RRHRRH Members Posts: 308 ✭✭
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    I want to have a very repeatable swing. I want to learn how to shallow my swing, and really achieve the same results with less effort. I just picked the game up again this year after about 4 years of not playing. I'm 27 now, and would really like to bring my 8 handicap down to a 3 or 4 by this year. If I know what to expect out of my swing every time, I should be able to.
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  • touchtouch Asheville, NCCharter Members Posts: 3,451 ✭✭
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    My new year golf goal is to be ok with playing a mix of the middle tee boxes at my regular course so that I don't take on over 6400 yards. I have been playing serious golf for over 35 years and am quite saddened by my loss of distance. I was never a long hitter, but 6500-6800 yard courses were comfortably manageable for a long while. Now it's too many 5 wood or hybrid approach shots on par 4's when playing those yardages. So it's off to the more forward tee boxes for this old dude.
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  • ChunkingChunking Members Posts: 4
    Practice at least 5 hours per week, split between 3 or more sessions and with a purpose. Not just hammering balls off a mat.

    Establish an actual handicap, not just whereabouts I or my partners believe I am.

    Not terribly specific I know, but for a guy who’s been playing 3 years shooting 88-105 depending on how much I drink, I think it’s a step in the right direction.

    Oh yeah, and drink less or not at all whilst playing.
  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 Countdown to The Masters! ClubWRX Posts: 17,676 ClubWRX
    easyyy wrote:

    What if anything would make a difference in my game? Taking a step back and looking at my game I am asking what in one year would I want different if I could have it.

    Well...I would want to score better. I am a 3.6 now and would have to drop 2 points to feel as if it was a good year.

    Chipping, putting and better control under pressure. I will work with a pro locally that has shown some great results in my game and many others. He is not just mechanical but emphasizes a lot on the metal side of the game. Pia Nilsson Vision 54 type stuff.

    What is a good golf resolution for you all that you would like to see in one year?

    Have given this a lot of thought and spent the evening studying several years worth of scores/handicap trends/etc. after printing off reports from the handicap service. Shouldn't be any surprises in there, but of course, there were some.

    Sitting on 6.7, which is the lowest index I've ever had. High since 2011 was 13.4.

    I would like to be sitting right here at the dining room table at this time next year typing that I managed to lower my index .8 strokes. Seems like a small goal, but (1) a solid 5 has been a goal for a long time and just having my index start with the number 5 would be a big step, and (2) looking at the volatility of my handicap the last few years I know that if I get down to a 5.9 I will have taken a lot of that inconsistency out of the equation for a golf season for the first time in many years.

    Dropped from 9.2 in early June to 6.7 by mid-September. It is not a coincidence that I took away a couple of things that were key for me from Monte's clinic I attended in June and during July and August a lot of things were better. Putting and short game were the best they've been in a long time, irons were better and my incredibly weak mental game was not quite so incredibly weak. I had 2 1/2 months of solid, consistent golf (for me) until my elbow forced me out late summer/early fall.

    Maybe just a nice little streak, but if so, the longest nice little streak I've had so I'm going with "trend", lol.

    We'll see!
  • okie21okie21 Members Posts: 124 ✭✭
    Make more albatrosses.
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  • ahgilbert1030ahgilbert1030 Members Posts: 49 ✭✭
    I would like to get my consistency with my driver back. It used to be my favorite club and the one i felt most comfortable with. I was trying out a new driver and the guy told me i stood too far away from the ball, i moved closer and my balance felt better, but my scores increased dramatically after that. I went from being on the verge of breaking into the 70's to right back into the high 90's and low 100's. No matter what i try now, moving back away from the ball or whatever, i feel absolutely terrible and uncoordinated when addressing the ball.

    Just want to get back to being able to feel like i somewhat know which direction the ball will be going when i swing.
  • BeerPerHoleBeerPerHole Members Posts: 1,128 ✭✭
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    Taking my index from a 14 to single-digits. Can I do that in a year? I recently noticed that my full swing was where I was having issues. On the bright side - I improved my bunker play and chipping at the same time. Already shallowing my plane this month w the head pro. Very different. But fun as heck.
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  • My only goal this year is a mental goal. Each round I get lost in either the social side or the scoring side of the round. Jokes, bets, nervous around certain clients, etc. and the round blows up. The flip side is when I play my best golf but sometimes lose track of the fun parts of the round with my buddies. I want to do a better job of compartmentalizing the 90% fun times vs 10% of the time of actually hitting my shots.

    I don’t have any real scoring goals other than maintaining. I got to my goal of single digit handicap 2 years ago and now it’s just below 5 before we froze for the winter. At this point I have just as good a chance of scoring a couple over par as I do playing bogey golf. Knowing the work required to get consistent with the low scores, I’m good considering it a fun gamble each time out. And with a kid on the way, I will be a very happy dad if I can find 18 holes a week this Spring!!

    As I write this I guess I should add the obligatory “get in better shape” stuff too but honestly, nobody told my metabolism that we aren’t 22 anymore and I like beer and hamburgers so... cheers!
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