Travel Trailers & Golfers!?!?

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I have really been digging up research and reviews for travel trailers to pull with my Jeep, and do some light camping within a 2-3 hour-drive radius from where I live. Any golfers into the travel trailer/rv-ing thing? I'd love hear any experiences, feedback, or suggestions. Happy New Year!


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    All I have to say is, if you're pulling with a 2-door Jeep Wrangler, get the smallest trailer (pop-up camper comes to mind) you can get. The short wheelbase makes them squirrelly. The four door Wranglers and Cherokee variants are best for towing. Renegade and Compass models have lower tow capabilities. Check your owners manual for load specs.

    Here is a link to light weight trailers:

    Adams Speedline 9088UL 10.5* AXIVCore 69 Black (S)
    Ping G SF Tec 3W, 5W Alta 65 (R)
    Ping G 4H,5H Alta 70 (R)
    Ping G 6-U TT XP 95 (soft R)
    Ping Glide 54*, 58* WS TT XP 100 (R)
    Ping Darby Sigma G

  • greystreet11greystreet11 Members Posts: 438 ✭✭
    Four door wrangler with tow package and electric brake assist. Thanks!
  • greystreet11greystreet11 Members Posts: 438 ✭✭
    I've really been looking at the off-roadish trailers which you can mount a RTT (roof top trailer).
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    Ive had one trailer and one camper years ago. Both older and mostly junk. Im going to buy another trailer next fall. I will use it for camping and Im going to use it for local gplf vacations instead of hotels.
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    I had a VW Westphalia camper van for many years. It was a great vehicle for car camping at the takeout of a river trip, music festival campgrounds, ski area parking lots, and backpacking trailheads. I did take it for a few golf trips but found it less compatible than a cheap hotel room. Golfers are cleaner than river rats, ski bums, or hippies at a music festival. They look at you weird when you smell like camp fire and body odor. I was usually playing as a single and didn't want the bad looks from the the rest of my foursome all day.

    If you're into the outdoor lifestyle and really do go out and camp frequently I think they are a worthy investment, but where I now live in Oregon, it seems everybody has them and they rarely use them.

    If I ever do it again I think I'll get a MB Sprinter short wheel base and make my on camping conversion. I like to drive fuel efficient vehicles and am not going to own a truck so I can drag a travel trailer and don't want to burn up my 4 bangers dragging too much weight. The vans can be outfitted so that you can haul lumber and tools inside them, add seats and drive 8 adults to a concert or event, and then put the fold out cots in them and camping stuff and sleep inside, lots of uses IMO.
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