2016 b330 spin inside 100 and around the green?

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I´ll start by wishing you all a great 2019! Nothing but fairways and greens! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

I´m calling out to you people that game the regular Bridgestone b330, 2016 model.

Right now we have a lot of snow in Sweden and the courses won´t open for several months, so there´s no chance of trying out any balls in a while.

I have searched the forum trying to get an idea of how the regular b330 holds up vs other x models like the pro v1x and Taylormade tpx, which i have gamed the last eight years or so. But i think most of the reviews and comparisons regards the b330s.

The reason i´m looking at the b330 are mostly based on price, even though i know it´s a premium caliber ball. Anyway, there´s a campain right now where they are selling the b330 at ~ 20$ / dussin and i´m thinking of stocking up before they run out. But i´m a little concerned about how the ball will react on pitches/chips, half/full wedges and touch shots around the green since i have never tried them before.

If someone have any good info about this it would be higly appreciated!
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    I have used them sparingly and I actually liked them. While they do not feel the softest, they had good spin around the greens. Also check out the Tour B X. It's a little softer with great performance around the greens.
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    It will react just like any other premium urethane cover tour ball - plenty of spin on solid strikes. They are firm in feel, so as long as you are ok with the feel you won't be disappointed in greenside spin performance with wedges.
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    I played the B330 for a while. The spin was very good around the greens for me. The ball was a touch firmer than I prefer, but still very playable.

    As for comparison, back then I played the Z Star and occasionally a prov1. The prov1 had a touch more greenside spin. The Z Star and B330 were pretty comparable in greenside performance.

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