Galway Bay rain gear

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How good and waterproof? I’m headed to Ireland this year and am going to splurge on some good rain gear that will hopefully last me some time. It got great reviews by Not allowed because of spam and was thinking of going that route or ProQuip stuff. Just wanted some users of GalwayBays thoughts.
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Irons: Ping I-20 4-W
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  • MinaretsMinarets Members Posts: 3,978 ✭✭
    Driver: Adams 9064LS 9.5*
    Irons: Ping I-20 4-W
    Hybrids: Taylormade Rescue Mid 16*, 19*
    Wedges: Scratch 8620 53*, 58*
    Putter: SeeMore mFGP
    Bag: SM Four5 / Ball: Srixon ZStar XV
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    I have a proquip rain jacket that I received as a tee gift in a tournament, it is pretty nice but I believe the waterproof is a treatment of coating. I have been to Scotland and bought goretex gear for the trip as it is warm and my opinion is that it lasts longer and is superior to anything that has a waterproof spray or coating. I spent 7 days in and around St Andrews and as luck would have it we received rain on only 1 hole image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    feedback from the winners of the galway bay winners - http://www.golfwrx.c...y#entry17480502

    I don't know if the lack of feedback is good or bad from the Galway Bay winners, but, the feedback from Proquip PX5 & PX6 owners seems a lot more positive. With some luck, you will not need the rain gear on your Ireland trip.
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    I have a pair of Galway Bay rain pants and like them a lot. They’re the lined version, and were great for a Scotland trip last year. I only had one real rainy day, at Carnoustie, but they stayed nearly completely dry, and the extra warmth from the lining was appreciated that day. I wore them other rounds with temps ranging from about 55 to 75, and while they were a little warm on the hotter days they weren’t uncomfortably so. I really like that they look like regular golf slacks so they could be used on normal days and no need to carry a separate pair of rain pants.
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    I own a prior style half sleeve pull over and lined pants from Galway Bay and have found them to be waterproof and comfortable in both wet and dry conditions. I like them so much I’ve recently purchased the newer style full zip jacket and lined pants. They look and feel great but haven’t been tested yet.

    As for the prior years’ gear, they were worn for a late Spring trip in Canada and kept me dry and warm in the cold, wind and rain. I was skeptical but have been very pleased with the attention to detail of the designs. Many items of clothing I think about small changes I’d make, a tag that got in the way, a fit that wasn’t right, inconvienient pockets etc. But with both my pull over and pants I am usually thinking about why I like wearing them over my other gear. It is the quality zippers, deep but accessible pockets, comfortable enough to walk 36 a day quality that made me a repeat customer.

    I’m sorry I can’t provide more information on the current gear specifically but company has great customer service and has had very high quality in previous versions.

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    It’s the best on the market. The pants are outstanding.

    just released some new water proof compression sleeves for your arms. Can easily put on/take off in harsh conditions while wearing a short sleeve jacket. Keeps you free and clear during swing.
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    I was due for some new rain gear so I decided to do a lot of research. I gave my son my old Adidas Gore-Tex gear which is still going strong but it simply was not a good fit for me.

    Another golf blog (I will not mention the name), who performs independent testing, ranked the Galway Bay gear as tied for number one in its 2018 "Best Rain Gear" test. Top reasons were; lightweight stretchy material, fit, pants are like regular pants, and the weatherproofing. Note that ProQuip was not in the 2018 testing but was #2 in the 2017 test. Their test judged based on waterproofing, comfort, breath-ability, and fit.

    Santa brought the Galway gear at Christmas and the fit is great. The pants can be bought in proper waist size and length. Or you can have your tailor adjust the length. Mine are just a tad too long but that may be ok and will evaluate after wearing a couple of times. The best thing about the gear is the pants which are a lot like normal golf pants. My old Adidas gear had the baggy pants with velcro to adjust the length.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to play in the rain yet so I cannot comment on golf course performance.
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