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I just purchased this putter head only and am going to need a shaft for it.

I am new to club building and have no idea what kind of shaft I will need.

Anything helps.

Thanks so much and happy new year.

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    Good chance you're going to need something that is a .370 diameter to fit over the hosel. As long as it has that dimension you can pretty much purchase any putter shaft you find online
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    Hard to tell by the picture ...but...the majority of over post installs will need

    a flare tip shaft , to get the seamless shaft to hosel fit. Only true way to

    determine what you need is measure hosel with calipers. Anything over .370"

    will need the flare / bell tip.

    The flare tips will require a bit of tipping / grinding ( I use a flat file)

    to get the perfect shaft to hosel O.D match ..Most common is .420" at finish.
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