It is regripping season! What do you play?

C-radC-rad Members Posts: 2,610 ✭✭
Its regripping time around here. I played lamkin rel and thought they didnt last long.

The classic tour velvet: again shortly tacky.

Now i have use the pure pro for 3 seasons and while they are good, i was thinking maybe i could try something different.

Share your gamer with their advantages!!
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60 dual sole

Lajosi Dd201

A dream bag


  • ago33ago33 Members Posts: 2,155 ✭✭
    Grip master micro perf

    Current Gamers

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    Mizuno MP-25 6-PW....................................AMT TI X100
    Callaway MD Forged 50, 56.........................AMT TI S400
    TI Taylormade Hi Toe 60.09..........................AMT TI S400
    Scotty Cameron 5.5M...................................Grip Master
  • lefty1978lefty1978 Members Posts: 286 ✭✭
    GP Tour Velvet
    Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9.0° w/ HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60g
    Callaway Epic Sub Zero 3w 15° w/ Aldila Rogue Max 75g
    Callaway Apex Hybrid 20° w/ Kuro Kage 80g
    Mizuno MP-54 4i-PW w/ DG S300
    Mizuno S18 52°/9 w/ DG S400
    Mizuno S18 56°/10 w/ DG S400
    Mizuno S18 60°/6 w/ DG S400
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  • Josh784Josh784 Members Posts: 46
    Lamkin uTX cords. Red ones are $2.50 on eBay right now.
  • golfpunk59golfpunk59 Members Posts: 424 ✭✭
    I was iomic guy for a long time but this year I've switched to Gripmaster leather. Excited to see how they hold up.
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    Wedges: SM6 52* F 58* D Dynamic Gold S400
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  • pingman_24pingman_24 Members Posts: 204 ✭✭
    Ping NTS. Wrap design and last well.
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    Ping G 5 Wood 16.5° Alta CB
    Ping G 7 Wood 20° Alta CB
    Ping G400 9 Wood 23.5° Alta CB
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    Ping Karsten 6-SW KS401
    Ping Glide 2.0 WS 60° KS401
    Ping Sigma G Kushin
  • hendog39hendog39 Members Posts: 110 ✭✭
    mcc plus 4 midsize

    just regripped my scotty with a flatso 1.0
  • MitchellGolfingMitchellGolfing Members Posts: 1,317 ✭✭
    edited Jan 6, 2019 7:36pm #8
    Classic ole Lamkin Crossline for me. Lasts for a while. They just feel sturdy to me, and I like the solid feeling.

    Just went from the Pingman grip on my putter to a Superstroke 3.0 so looking forward to seeing how my putting does.
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  • stryperstryper Members Posts: 3,202 ✭✭
    edited Jan 6, 2019 7:47pm #9
    GP MCC +4
    Titleist 917D2, w/UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 7F4T
    Titleist 915Fd, w/Aldila Rogue Black 80-2.8-S
    18* KZG U Iron, w/UST Proforce V2 100-S
    Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 4-5, w/UST Recoil 95 F4
    Mizuno MP-18 MMC 6-P, w/UST Recoil 95 F4
    Titleist Vokey SM5 52-08 F, 56-10 S
    Callaway Sure Out 64
    Odyssey O-Works Tank #7
  • averysdadaverysdad Members Posts: 1,210 ✭✭
    Another GP MC+4 fan here
  • gsrjcgsrjc TOC Members Posts: 1,349 ✭✭
    Pure pro black with logo down.
  • Jwin323Jwin323 Members Posts: 1,423 ✭✭
    gsrjc wrote:

    Pure pro black with logo down.

    Same for me.
  • BYKBYK Members Posts: 1,659 ✭✭
    NDMC blackout
    Yadi for President
  • jasonTeI3jasonTeI3 Members Posts: 597 ✭✭
    Tried Winn Dri Tacs for the first time recently and have put them on all sets now. They are awesome
  • ckayckay Members Posts: 3,932 ✭✭
    Pure Pro. Grip is indestructible.
    Taylormade M4 440 10* Tensei White Pro 60TX
    Taylormade M2 Tour 16.5* Atmos Blue 7x
    Taylormade M2 L.I.F.T. 2 KBS Hybrid Proto 85x
    Miura CB57 Nippon SPB X
    Vokey CF 52F/56M/60M S400 Onyx
    Cameron Cami & Co Newport Beach 34/350

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  • macedanmacedan Members Posts: 224 ✭✭
    Waiting for my current T-Made grips to wear out on my Rbladez so I can replace them with Superstroke S-Tech.

    Love, love, love my Golf Pride Tour SNSR Straight on my Spider.
    Ping G400 10*
    Mizuno ST180 3W 15*
    Taylormade Aeroburner 5W 18*
    Ping G Crossover 21*
    Taylormade Rocketbladez (5-PW)
    Cleveland CBX 50/11
    Titleist Vokey SM5 54/10
    Cleveland RTX-3 58/9
    Taylormade Spider Tour Black
    Taylormade RBZ Urethane | Project A
    Bag: Taylormade Flextech Lite Black/Green
  • lazyjc4lazyjc4 Members Posts: 861 ✭✭
    Pure pro midsize ribbed.
    Srixon Z565 8.5 Attas Elements Prototype
    Taylormade '17 M1 HL 15.5° Motore Speeder
    Taylormade SLDR HL 19.5* Kai'li
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    Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 50*, 54*, 58* S200
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    Titleist AVX or Srixon Z-Star
  • theboypinoytheboypinoy Members Posts: 2,076 ✭✭
    Pure Pro grip is fantastic. Added bonus of coming in a ton of colors to match your tastes!

    I know you play them right now, but can't go wrong with them image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • PowderedToastManPowderedToastMan Members Posts: 3,849 ✭✭
    Pure DTX except the 3 wood and driver. 3 wood is a Pure Pro and driver is a Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Lite. I like a thicker grip in the driver and the lite version helps increase swing weight (I play a shorter than average driver).

    I’m surprised more people don’t play Pure grips. As someone else said, they last forever and feel good. Most people don’t realize you need to give them a good wash with soap and water before first use, or else they feel slick.
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  • larryd3larryd3 Members Posts: 588 ✭✭
    Mcc+4 midsize and superstroke 3.0slim for the putter.
    TM M4
    Epic 15*
    816 H1 19*
    816 H1 24*
    PXG 0311 5-gw
    54* SM6 M
    58* SM7 S
    PXG Operator H
  • JayshaftJayshaft Greenville, MIMembers Posts: 385 ✭✭
    Tour velvet midsize w/ 3 wraps - logo down
  • 518TitleistX518TitleistX NYSGA Champion Members Posts: 1,407 ✭✭
    Mcc+4 +2 wraps on top, +3 wraps under bottom hand.
    Mizuno ST190G 8* HZRDUS Black 62g 6.5X
    Titleist 917F2 13.5* D+80TX
    Titleist 818H2 19* Speeder HYB 8.8X
    Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-Hi 3i DG Tour issue 120 X100
    Mizuno 919Tour DG Tour issue 120 X100's 5-9i
    Mizuno S18 44*, 49* 54*, 59*
    Scotty Cameron Newport Beach

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  • Maverick17Maverick17 Members Posts: 49 ✭✭
    Golf Pride Tour Velvets .580’s.....old classics never die!
    Taylormade SLDR 460 Tour Issue 9.5* w/Speeder 661 S
    Taylormade Rescue 11' TP 18* w/Aldila RIP 85 S
    Taylormade Rescue 11' TP 21* w/Aldila RIP 85 S
    Mizuno MP 57 3-pw w/ s300
    Cleveland Tour Action 588 TS 54* w/s300
    Cleveland Tour Action 588 TS 58* w/s300
    Taylormade Rossa Daytona Sport 1 35"
  • citizenforecitizenfore Members Posts: 323 ✭✭
    Another vote for lamkin crosslines here.
    Modern bag:
    Nike vr str8 fit tour set at 11
    Ping rapture v2 4 wood
    Nike vr_s 3 and 4 hybrids
    Maltby mmb 5-pw
    Carnahan 52/56/60 wedge
    Rotating door of putters

    Sunday/quick nine walker:
    Callaway warbird deuce 2 wd
    Callaway warbird 4 wd
    Hogan apex pro 4-E
    Ping eye 2 W and S
    Ping cushin putter

    Classic bag:
    Palmer Chattanooga driver
    Hogan Slotline 4 wd
    Palmer Standard 85 3-pw
    Same ping eye 2 sw
    Wilson professional 600 putter
  • ChadwickogChadwickog Members Posts: 302 ✭✭
    Golf Pride Tour Wrap. Or Pure Wrap
  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members Posts: 4,067 ✭✭
    I still have a large stash of cheap Lamkins that I bought from Golfsmith during their going out of business liquidation. I rarely keep clubs long enough to wear out the grips. Hopefully, 2019 will be different with Apex CF 16 irons.
  • phil6380phil6380 Members Posts: 39 ✭✭
    MCC +4. standard on the wedges and midsize on everything else.
    Ping G400 Max Tour AD-IZ 10.5 deg. playing 44.5"
    Cobra F8 3 wood Tour AD-IZ 14.5 deg.
    Cobra F8 5 wood Tour AD-IZ 18 deg.
    Cobra F8 4 hybrid Tour AD-DI 22 deg.
    Mizuno JPX919F 5-GW Recoil 95
    Vokey 56M & 60M Nippon 120
    Cameron Newport Select 2.5
  • aiyyeraiyyer Members Posts: 1,504 ✭✭
  • SilenceXSilenceX Members Posts: 42 ✭✭
    Just put the MCC +4 Align on my driver and woods, and Lamkin Sonar on my irons. Really liking the Sonar.
  • JustsomeguyJustsomeguy Members Posts: 1,024 ✭✭
    Golf Pride CP2 standard. Love em.
    Cobra F9 10.5* Project X Evenflow Blue 65 - CAMO!
    Titleist 915F 15* Diamana S+ Blue 70, R
    Titleist 915H 20* Diamana S+ Blue 70, R
    Titleist 716 AP1 4-W52, Kuro Kage Tini 65, S
    Cleveland CBX, 56*/12, Rotex Graphite Wedge Flex
    Cleveland Smart Square Blade
  • LaymanMLaymanM Cincinnati, OHMembers Posts: 2,123 ✭✭
    edited Jan 6, 2019 9:06pm #31
    Got a hodge pogue going on right now.

    Driver - lamkin utx standard

    3 wood / hybrid - utx standard

    Irons - mcc+4 standard

    Wedges - winn dri tac standard

    Putter - Garsen G-Pro edge max

    Weird but I like all of them...
    PING G410 9* PX Evenflow Black 75 6.0
    PING G410 LST 3w PX Evenflow Black 85 6.0
    PING G410 5w PX Evenflow Black 85 6.0
    PING G410 4-PW AWT 2 0 stiff
    PING Stealth Glide 2.0 50ss/54ss/58ss
    PING Sigam G Tyne
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