Rory's bag changes early 2019



  • jll62jll62 ClubWRX Posts: 2,028 ClubWRX
    cota0429 wrote:

    If this guy could just dial in his wedges!

    Did you see these 2018 stats Q posted on the prior page? Rory was one of the best on tour in 2018 from inside 150 yards.

    APPROACHES FROM 50-75 YARDS 16' 11" 126TH

    APPROACHES FROM 75-100 YARDS 13' 10" 7TH

    APPROACHES FROM 100-125 YARDS 17' 5" 15TH

    APPROACHES FROM 50-125 YARDS 16' 4" 8TH

    APPROACHES FROM 125-150 YARDS 19' 5" 2ND

    APPROACHES FROM 150-175 YARDS 29'4" 156TH

    APPROACHES FROM 175-200 YARDS 31' 6" 33RD
    TaylorMade M3 9.5, GD Tour AD GP-6s, 44.75"
    TaylorMade M3 T3, Tensei Pro White 70 S, 42.5"
    TaylorMade P-790 UDI 2, Aerotech SteelFiber i95 S
    TaylorMade P-770 3-4, DG X100 (SSx1)
    TaylorMade RSi TP 5-PW, KBS C-Taper S+
    TaylorMade Milled Grind 52 Raw, DG S400 Tour Issue
    TaylorMade Hi-Toe 58, DG S400 Tour Issue
    TaylorMade DJ Itsy Bitsy Proto, 34"
    TaylorMade TP5x #12

    jll62's WITB
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    cota0429 wrote:

    If this guy could just dial in his wedges putt!

    I fixed that for you! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    - Josh
  • MitchellMitchell Members Posts: 5,469 ✭✭
    cota0429 wrote:

    If this guy could just dial in his wedges!

    Should follow suit from TW and get some real 'Taylor'made🙊 wedges back in the bag.😀
    Taylormade r510tp 10.5* Fuji Evo TS 661
    Taylormade 300 tour 15* Fuji TS 8.0
    Taylormade V Steel 18* Purple Ice 85
    TEE CNC Ltd. Forged 3-pw s400
    Artisan 53* s400
    Artisan 58* s400
    Cameron 1996 Laguna
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    He seems to be magic from bunkers, wonder why that doesn't carry over to the wedge game?
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    the bishop wrote:

    Rory must literally hate golf. All the talent he has but hasnt been able to put it all together for years.

    So so frustrating to watch and probably for him

    Then again - Im sure the millions of dollars he has keeps him warm at night and helps him forget the shots he throws away each round....

    What goes well with a Sunday 72? Tawny port, blue cheese and walnuts of course!

    Nice choices!
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    3wd- TM 2017 M1 Fujikura Motore Speeder 661 Evolution IV -S
    1i - Cleveland HiBore 16* Tour Dept 3.2 torque S tipped 1" (2-3i replacement)
    Tour 5 - TM RBZ Stg 2 23.5* Fuji MCH 80-S
    Irons 4 & 5-TM M1 Fuji Pro 95i - S ,6 thru 9, PW TM P760 Fujikura Pro 95i-S
    SW- TaylorMade Hi Toe 54* 4-way grind 105 Modus S
    LW- TaylorMade HI TOE- Tour Dept small head, soft heel 4 way grind 60* bent to 59* Steelfiber 110g
    Putter- Bobby Grace-- M.Coz Bandsaw Prototype
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