Ping Sigma 2 Anser Stealth 

lefty1978lefty1978 Members Posts: 287 ✭✭
Anyone play this?

Can I get options on grip? I prefer slimmer style putter grip, all I see if stock fatter style. There was one in left hand at a local DSG and loved the feel, but hate the grip. Can I buy custom with preferred style grip and length?

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  • Twin2LTwin2L Members Posts: 85 ✭✭
    you can order it with the grip you want. Like you I prefer a thin grip and have ordered a couple with the black out grip.
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    You can order/change grips on the Sigma 2s. Also can order desired length if you don't want adjustable grip. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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