How much hate these gonna bring?- Scotty Prototypes



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    57Seve wrote:

    Here we go...I'll start by saying, ummm NO


    Sorta serious question: Has Cameron had an original thought? Ever?

    A friend of mine used to work on the Tour vans as a tech. He said they referred to SC as 'Xerox'.

    Nothing he can't copy.

    I will tell you one thing they can’t Xerox.... His checkbook
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    I mean, "Who cares?"

    If people like 'em, it's all good. If they don't that's good, too.

    Get what fits you.
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    Terrible looking and most likely you will have to yet again pay more for nothing more than the name.
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    Here are some close ups.
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    radiman wrote:


    Here are some close ups.

    Looks more like an Operator to me vs a Spider. I think its those wings that do it.
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    So if I say I really don't like this design, that it looks horrible and I would never game one let alone touch one then I am a hater? I really think people who would lable me this because I state how I feel shouldn't be so quick to lable. Not everyone has to like everything and then be labeled a "hater."

    Worthless thread.
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    Scotty, "Jumped the shark" when he started with the Aluminum inserts, etc... If he was smart he would go back to what made him great... These are just the worst looking putters since the Futura and everything in between... Bettinardi is the new champ IMO all made in the USA... Tyson Lamb does he even make putters in the last couple years? He makes one heck of a ball mark though... lol...
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    Looks like a Bettinardi BB56 with a different topline. Same colors and all.
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    I feel like it's not scotty who design the putter and make his putter anymore. Probably a company R&D who design and develop a new putter and use his image for marketing purposes. And the reason for all the complex components, many pieces of component is just to make a more difficult to copy. We have come to an age that need computer design and using ai to help create a design that maximize MOI. Scotty himself wouldn't have much of knowledge in doing these jobs. Just wondering how many putter and how much time he actually make a putter (those tour putter) he doesn't even doing a fitting session for the Pros I believe...

    He is a craft man not an engineer
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    My order when these hit retail;

    T-12 Winged putter

    Top line in the center instead of dots like my Futura 5M/7M

    33 inch length

    20G weights

    Black Chrome shaft

    Blacked Out Pistolini grip
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    I would like to hit it. Making putts and feel are more important to me, like the score. If it goes straight and manages distance well.......
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