Shaft lean calculation

I have been struggling with some cause and effect factors in trying to lower my launch angles.

Does this make sense for calculating my shaft lean?

spin loft (dynamic loft - angle of attack) - club loft = shaft lean

I have read that the "normal" iron range is about 6 to 12 degrees (increases toward wedges).

My calculation suggests that my lean is more toward 3 degrees.


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    You can’t zero out shaft lean, or launch angle for that matter, like that.

    Too many variables. Grip, club speed, how you swing, etc.
  • tbarratbarra Members Posts: 4
    Not really trying to zero it out, actually I think my shaft lean maybe too low. It seems like there should be a relationship between the loft at impact (dynamic loft), angle approaching impact (angle of attack) and the loft designed into the club. Seems like the only other variable is how much angle created by the shaft lean at impact.
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    Not that straight forward. dynamic loft is just that, loft presented at impact. Shaft rotation and shaft pitch (raising/lowering the handle) can also impact dynamic loft

    Im guessing you want to increase your shaft lean and thus lower dynamic loft to hit it further, but that is also not always desirable. PGA tour pros may have 10+ degrees of shaft lean, but much of that is a byproduct of their speed. If you dont have PGA tour speed, presenting less loft at impact may result in hitting it shorter
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    tbarra wrote:

    spin loft (dynamic loft - angle of attack) - club loft = shaft lean

    Well - depends on how dynamic loft is actually measured as to whether the dynamic lie angle impacts the numbers shown - can't say whether it's a factor in the numbers that Flightscope or Trackman spit out.

    But face angle/orientation and static loft will be the two major contributors to dynamic loft. AoA is not a factor so don't bother with spin loft.

    Just going from memory here but ..

    start with the dynamic loft, subtract 0.6* for each 1* the face is open or add the same for each degree it's closed.

    Then subtract that from the static loft and it gives you roughly the amount of forward shaft lean (fwd lean being hands in front of head at impact).
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  • tbarratbarra Members Posts: 4
    I do have relatively the same club head speed based on the Trackman average pro numbers (my smash is lower) however my launch angles are all about 3-3.5 degrees higher.

    I struggle a bit more on windier days and would like to lower my trajectory a bit. I was thinking shaft lean was the problem, sounds like it may or may not be....


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