Was the Odyssey Metal X line not a hit?

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Hi guys,

I am just wondering, was the Metal X not a popular putter line? While any equipment does not have to be “Tour proven” for me to play, I do not recall this line being popular with pros or amateurs. I did not play a lot when these were released either. I know feel is subjective but is there a reason why the similar “Works” line that also has a similar mesh in the insert was much more popular? I cannot imagine that these 2 lines would feel totally different.

I like the Works line but it feels a little too soft. I like putters on the firmer side and the Metal X appears to be firmer. However, this putter line does not seem to get much love. I have my eye on one but I won’t be able to roll it before purchasing.

Any comments and/or experiences are welcome.




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    I think the problem was there simply were just more “trendy” $300 putters to have at the time. I’ve used a couple of the X milled putters and they were nice and performed as well as any other milled putter on the market.
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    Mackepa good call.

    And way more resale value on other brands eg SC.
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    Color scheme was one I don’t think a lot of people liked. Agree with what the others have said too. It wasnt the best time for odyssey to come out with a putter that expensive without it have that special feel like a Scotty or Toulon with the name attached to it. Plus I think 90% of guys on tour who game their stuff like a specific insert and have stuck with that for years.
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