Do Mizuno iron players use Mizuno wedges?



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    Yup.....MP18 (3-PW) go nicely with a set of T7s (52/56/60). Great wedges.....not quite as soft as the MPs, but the boron that's incorporated into the forging will make them last a bit longer than they otherwise would.
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    T7 has been the best wedge for me in terms of the feel/durability tradeoff. They feel better than vokeys and are just as durable. Wish they had a raw finish option. I still play the T7 even though I've played a couple different sets of irons over the last few years, including MP4's for a long stint. They spin as good as anything around the greens and the grind options have improved over past models IMO.

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    Callaway Mack Daddy forged.
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    Yes, S18 Blue Ion finish currently in the 50 and 56. Previously played the S18 silver and gunmetal, and the black T5’s were a couple years back. I like the additional versatility with the S18 sand wedge specifically for different bunker and flop type shots vs the T5. For full shots the T5 were some of the best I have played.

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    Yes S18. Wedge is phenomenal
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    Been playing SM5 black's for so long it seems. Just got the T7's in the same specs. Feel to me is softer with the Mizuno but, I'm such a creature of habit. I just haven't made the switch yet.
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    I did and would again
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    I have my irons and wedges delofted 2* to reduce the offset look. I own both the 18MB and 900T.

    The 900T PW is more forgiving in size and flow very well into the T7. There is more pronounced offset at address.

    You could even look into the 919T if you like less offset and a thinner top line but the size is much larger vs the 18MB.

    The 18MB merely look perfect at address but the size is definitely smaller and hardly any offset. If you were looking for the smallest SW and LW, the 18MB would flow well.

    I think some size in the SW and LW is preferable since I purposely hit away from the sweet spot around the greens to reduce speed on closer shots or “dreaded” the shot ie, open the fact and hit towards the toe.

    The T5 will flow in well. I just couldn’t get pass the weird ridge in the back we’re as the T7 is a true blade.

    dmbrill719 wrote:

    I'm loving my JPX 900 Tours and was thinking about putting a mizuno 50* in the bag. I picked up a T5 for cheap several months back but never even tried it. It has more offset than my PW. Mizuno publishes offset for their irons, but not wedges. So dumb. Anyone have any offset numbers on the T7? Or can someone compare offset of the T7 to a JPX Tour or MP-18 PW? Thanks!
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    Played a round today with my new T7 50/54/58 and they felt awesome. Just got them Friday and hit them for the first time today. I already have the ridiculously expensive PXG milled wedges (bought used) with my PXG irons and the Mizuno’s were every bit as soft as those IMHO. Best part they were $70 each new from Rock Bottom golf.
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    Got T5s when I bought my MP25/MPH5 combo set. No regrets. I custom ordered them at the same time so they have matching shafts. The nearest thing about it was they also have matching serial numbers.
  • doubledubdoubledub ClubWRX Posts: 64 ClubWRX
    No, I play MP-64's and use TM Hi-Toe in 52 and 60 both bent 1.5 weak. I had a 54* T7 and I didn't get along with it at all. Swing was not in a great place then but HATED the turf interaction with the T7. It also felt really hard for some reason. I had the "standard" bounce option T7. I clearly prefer a lot of bounce though and that was probably the issue.
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