Directed Force/LAB Golf Blade

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A couple years ago I saw some pics on here of the LAB Blade from Directed Force. I love the tech in their Reno putter, but just can't seem to get over the shape. When I saw there was a blade on the way, I was super excited. I haven't seen anything yet, but they posted a message on their FB page about a big announcement of a blade soon. If its what I think it is, I want it, like yesterday!
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    Any reviews out yet on the BLāD.1 and the new pressgrip? Love the Reno had it for almost 3 years and is the best putter I`ve ever used. However I`m intrigued by the BLāD.1.
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    The Cleveland VAS of putters!
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    Welp - I ordered one.

    I had both versions of the mallet, and just found it too distracting.

    I am hoping this one fits my eye better. I don't love the brass finish, but perhaps they'll offer another finish soon.
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    I agree would like to see this putter in black
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    KMo23 wrote:

    The Cleveland VAS of putters!

    Maybe the Reno, but there’s nothing VAS about a center shafted blade.
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    I've had about 6 rounds with the blade.

    I always considered myself a good putter. Rarely get over 30 putts. Distance control is the best part of my green play, people always tell me how pure I roll the ball. Still, I am not a great green reader, and I miss a few makeable putts, specially around 10 feet.

    My former putter was a Bettinardi BB29. The LAB putter feels heavier, and the ball comes softer of the face, first round I left many putts short.

    After getting used to the speed, I am sold on the performance. The ball goes where I aim, and the occasional pull/push on shorter/pressure putts seems gone.

    The putter is not really good looking, in fact most people think is an old cheap putter. The feel is nice, although not great. The price seems high, I can see people not even trying it at that price point, but I guess the company knows more than me about that.

    All in all, I woul rate or a 10 on performance, a 6.5 on feel, and a 3.5 on looks.

    Hope it helps!
  • MattM97MattM97 Members Posts: 384 ✭✭
    Looks very similar to a SeeMore putter.
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  • BarracudaBarracuda Members Posts: 520 ✭✭
    MattM97 wrote:
    Looks very similar to a SeeMore putter.
    Seemore looks better imo, but I can't argue with the results.
  • zeke013zeke013 Members Posts: 104 ✭✭
    Mine arrives tomorrow, allegedly.

    Will let you know how it rolls.
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