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Just a random question for the more seasoned of the members on here? I’m constantly searching for a new driver, hardcore driver hoe, but I always buy used to save money and the question I have is how come the original rbz and the stage 2 rbz drivers are usually more money on the global golf and 3 balls as well as other websites than some of the newer models such as the sldr, jetspeed, and even the aeroburner and r15 models? I hadn’t started playing when the rbz first came out and I’ve nevef played with it or stage 2 we’re they really good and are they better than the other models? Thanks

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  • Brentwalker52Brentwalker52 Members Posts: 167 ✭✭
    Can anyone explain this? A 2010 Camero shouldn’t cost as much as a 2014 one,same concept to me!
    Taylormade 2017 M1 10.5
    Callway x hot 3w
    Taylormade 2016 M1 5w
    Wilson d100 4-Gw
    Nike Engage 52,56,60
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    If your exclusively looking at these online used club retailers than yea prices vary based on condition, so a mint RBZ, will be more money than a R15 with 5 years of sky marks on it..... Have you shopped eBay or local classifieds? Are RBZ drivers still higher priced than newer models when being sold privately, and in similar conditions?

    That's the only reason I could think why an older model would be higher priced.... I didn't think the RBZs were that desirable a model.
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    Just because something is old(er) doesn't mean it should be cheaper??? I'd love that concept to be true for Rolex, among others.

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    Basic supply and demand I would deman. The RBZ were more popular and better sellers. The Jetspeed line did not get much hype. I still see some RBZ out there but cannot remember seeing a SLDR or Jetspeed any time recently.
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    Exactly. Rbz was a better received line than aeroburner and r15 put together. So it sells for more still.
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    Cuz people will pay that price.
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  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX Posts: 24,339 ClubWRX
    It's literally Econ 101. When the Kirkland Signature golf balls were introduced at $29.99 for 2 dozen, the demand and limited supply allowed people to sell them for 2-4X the purchase price on resale sites. Crazy if you ask me but people do it.
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    FYI, cpo usually has the best prices of rbz fairways and hybrids.
  • llewol007llewol007 4KidsGolfer ClubWRX Posts: 3,357 ClubWRX
    Are you crazy!!!! They guaranteed and extra 17 yards with the RBZ. I loved mine for the longest time until the SLDR came out and that was that. Not sure how to connect why the companies you mentioned ask for the price, but if people are willing to pay, then there is your answer. Sometimes the newest is not always the best.
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    OP- the RBZ line, stage II in particular, was extremely popular. The lines immediately following didn't catch on as well. So the demand for those lines exceeds the 2 or 3 that came after. I'll include the R1 driver as well- I'm always a little taken aback when I see how much R1's go for- sometimes $100 or more. But I can walk into a used store and get a SLDR, R15, or Aeroburner for $50.

    Had this happen with Ping G20 vs G25. Not all cases but some I'll see G20s same price or more than G25 drivers cause the G20 was so popular. And I agree, I like my G20 more than my G25.
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