Anyone with a GBB Epic Heavenwood who could help me?

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Hey gents and ladies!

I'm seriously considering grapping a GBB Epic Heavenwood. I'm struggling hard with my 3w, and hoping the higher launch angle can help me get some air up there. I don't mind losing some distance compared to a "proper" 3 wood hit (which occurs maybe once every 36 holes for me), but looking for a stable distance which can find fairways.

But the only thing keeping me back, is that i don't know the headweight, and i can't really find it on google. Thing is that i prefer light heads with stiffer shafts.

So if anyone here has a Epic Heavenwood i'd be foreever grateful if i could get you to weigh it! Either weigh the head alone, but weighing the whole thing together and just write me which shaft and grip is on is just as good.

Thanks alot in advance!
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