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Your Personal Driver History



  • MtlJeffMtlJeff The GOAT Advanced Members Posts: 27,954 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    I've played 10+ drivers just counting Dymo2 and G15 heads alone!!!!

    Strata 360

    Yonex vfoil 400

    Burner 420

    Big Bertha 454

    Cleveland launcher 400

    Cleveland launcher 460

    Ben Hogan whatever

    Ping g5

    Ping g10

    5-6 different g15's

    5-6 different Nike Dymo2

    Ping I15

    Titleist 983k

    Titleist 905t

    Titleist 905r

    Titleist 907

    Titleist 909d2

    Titleist 909 d3

    Ping Rapture V1

    Rapture v2

    Callaway ft3

    Callaway ft5

    Callaway ft9

    Callaway ft tour (2-3 times)

    Callaway Diablo octane tour

    Taylormade R9 supertri

    ping Anser

    Ping G20

    Ping I20

    Callaway Epic SZ

    ping G

    Ping G400 max

    Callaway FT iz

    Wishon 919

    Taylormade SLDR 430

    Cobra s9 pro s

    Cobra s9 pro d

    Cobra F8+

    Cobra amp cell

    Cobra bio cell +

    Taylormade SFTP

    Taylormade SF 2.0 tp

    TaylorMade RBZ tour

    Adams redline

    Adams a3

    Adams 9015

    Callaway X460 tour

    I'll keep adding to this. I'm probably forgetting a lot of them
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    Cobra F8+ 8.5 w/ Aldila NV 2KXV 65
    Callaway Epic Subzero 14* w//Matrix Black Tie 80
    Callaway Apex Hybrid 20 w/Diamana D+ 95
    Callaway 2016 Apex Pro 4-PW w/S300
    Callaway MD Forged 52,56,60 w/S300
    Odyssey O-works #7 Red Tank
  • dalton044dalton044 Advanced Members Posts: 926
    Callaway C4 (worst driver ever)

    Taylormade R5 Dual

    Taylormade Superquad

    Titleist 910 D3

    Taylormade 2016 M2

    Titleist 915 D3

    Cobra LTD

    Taylormade 2016 M1

    Ping G400 LST

    Taylormade 2017 Tour Issue M1

    Callaway GBB Epic

    Ping G400 LST

    Taylormade 2016 Tour Issue M2

    This pains me to look at and then think about how many shafts and heads I have tried in the last few years
    -Tour Issue 16' M2 10.5* Tour AD-IZ 6X
    -Tour Issue 16' M2 DF 16.5 Tour AD-TP 7S
    -818H2 21* AD-DI 85S
    -4-PW X Forged TI S400
    -48,53,58 SM7 TI S400
    -Scotty Cameron X5 Flow Neck
  • jpking17jpking17 Advanced Members Posts: 128
    Disgusting to see how many Nike drivers are listed...not sure any of the major manufacturers have ever been worse

    Some junk driver I bought with a set

    Taylormade R580

    Taylormade R580XD

    Taylormade RBZ

    Taylormade JetSpeed

    Callaway XHot - had it for about a day

    Taylormade Burner - had it for about a day

    Back to the RBZ until the face cracked

    Taylormade M2
  • Christen_The_SloopChristen_The_Sloop Advanced Members Posts: 1,190 ✭✭
    I've played the game 25 years with various breaks, so the count is not very high

    Started with

    Various wood woods...

    Titleist Pro-Trajectory 10.5

    Callaway Bobby Jones 9.5

    Callaway Great Big Bertha 9.5

    Titleist 975 9.5

    Taylormade R540 9.5

    Ping i20 9.5

    Titleist 915 D3 8.5 (set to 10)

    Not a lot of driver ho-ing
    D - Titleist 915 D3 Tour Ad MJ 6X
    15 - Titleist 915 FD Attas G7 6X
    18 - Royal Collection SFD X7 Speeder 757X
    22 - Mizuno CLK Daimana Thump 90X
    3-PW - Mizuno TN87 Modus3 120S
    54 - KM Miura
    60 - Ping Eye2 XG / Ping Eye2 BECU
  • etrichardsetrichards Advanced Members Posts: 355
    Wow. 46 now and been playing since I was 12. Not sure if I will get them all (and might miss up the order) but here goes -

    Wilson Sam Snead Blue Ridge (hand me down from my grandfather, I probably only used the 3 wood as a driver at that age)

    Cruikshank 2 wood

    Browning (dont remember the model, I think it was automatic)

    Taylormade Burner

    Taylormade burner with that gold shaft

    Taylormade knock off with a Titanium shaft - could absolutely pound it and talked a buddy out of it

    Taylormade Burner Bubble

    Louisville the Cure (laminated wood head)

    Lynx Boom Boom (amazing driver for the time in my opinion)

    Taylormade TI Bubble 2 (Noteworthy because I broke 2 faces inside of a month. Traded it in for the next driver)

    Titleist 975 D - Loved that EI 70 shaft

    Titleist 983 E

    Titleist 905 S

    Orlimar HipTi 300 (This was a GREAT driver) - dont remember exactly where it interrupted my Titleist streak.

    Titleist 907 D2 - I know a lot didnt like it, but it was forever before something could kick it out of my bag

    Callaway FT Tour - (Loved this until the face busted...started a long period of ho'ing)

    Callaway RAZR FIT - Callaway sent this to replace the FT Tour. I hit it good, probably should have kept it - but the shape always bothered me)

    Bridgestone J33R 420

    Adams XTD Ti

    Yonex Ezone 380

    Srixon Z765

    Cobra BIo Cell Pro

    Cobra LTD pro

    Powerbuilt AF something or other

    Callaway BB Fusion

    Another used FT Tour

    Back to Titleist 905S (Found a used one for $20 in a bargain bin)

    Back to Powerbuilt

    Srixon Z765

    Back to Cobra LTD Pro

    Seems like I am missing one more persimmon wood and either a cleveland or a cobra comp driver somewhere in there too.
  • shoot4parshoot4par Life's A Course ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 127
    edited January 11
    • r5xl (Very young)
    • r7 superquad
    • 09 Burner TP
    • R9 Superdeep
    • 910 D3
    • XR Pro
    • Tour Issue Epic Subzero
    Jones did it with corn whiskey. Hogan with cigarettes & Tiger with will.
    On Sunday morning I'll take the back row seat
    If you were wondering the secrets in the dirt.

    Driver: Callaway XR Pro 9* (N/S) Oban Kiyoshi Black 65g 04 (Iomic White .60)
    Callaway Epic Subzero 9* (N/S) (TC) Kiyoshi White 65g 04 Kiyoshi White 65 04 (Iomic White .60)
    Fairway Wood: Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Limited 16.5* Kiyoshi White 75g 04 (Iomic White .60)
    Hybrid: Idea Pro Black 20 * Project X 6.0 (Iomic White .60)
    Irons: Miura 1957 Baby Blades 4-PW KBS TOUR 120s Black standard loft / standard lie (Iomic White .60)
    Wedges: Vokey Wedgeworks 52*, 56*, 60* Soon to have KBS Matte Black 120s (Iomic White .60)
    Putter: I try to change everyday to ward off monotony and consistency

  • BrownnlBrownnl Advanced Members Posts: 222

    This is going to be depressing... here’s my best recollection in chronological order.

    - Nike VRS

    - Nike Covert 1.0

    - Ping K15

    - Cleveland Classic XL Custom

    - Adams XTD

    - Callaway 815 Alpha

    - Callaway 816 DBD

    - Callaway Great Big Bertha

    - Taylormade 2016 M2

    - Callaway Epic

    - Titleist 915 D2

    - Cleveland Classic XL*

    - Ping G

    - Titleist 910 D3

    - Titleist 910 D2*

    - Cobra F7+

    - Cleveland Classic XL

    - Adams 9064LS*

    - Taylormade M1 440

    - Cobra Fly Z*

    - Bridgestone J40 430*

    - Taylormade 2016 M2*

    - Ping G25*

    * denotes current rotation

    This is all within the past ~4.5ys. All but the first 2 were after discovering this forum. All but the first 4 were purchased within the past 3yrs.
  • rgk5rgk5 rgk5(OLB) Advanced Members Posts: 3,468 ✭✭
    Since 1966 over 320 before the F8+.
    Cobra F8+ 10.5*, Mitsubishi Grand Bassara 39 R

    Cobra F8 3-4 wood 15.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 S

    Ping G400 hybrids 19*, 22*, Alta 70 R

    Callaway Rogue Pro 5-pw, Recoil F3

    Miura "Mind The Gap" 51*, Recoil F3

    Ping Glide 1.0 55*, CFS Wedge flex

    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 58*, Alta 70 R

    Ping Sigma 2 ZB 2, 35", 2* loft, OTW[/center

  • Popeye64Popeye64 Advanced Members Posts: 846
    Spaulding executive Wood... real wood

    Powerbilt Grandslam / Alltime Favorite

    Nike Ti something or other.

    Maltby Logic Tech 380

    Maltby CT250

    A couple other cycles of the CT250

    Callaway Big Bertha

    Callaway Great Big Bertha

    Callaway Epic

    Cobra F8

    Callaway Rouge SZ
  • dlygrissedlygrisse Advanced Members Posts: 12,942 ✭✭
    jpking17 wrote:

    Disgusting to see how many Nike drivers are listed...not sure any of the major manufacturers have ever been worse

    Some junk driver I bought with a set

    Taylormade R580

    Taylormade R580XD

    Taylormade RBZ

    Taylormade JetSpeed

    Callaway XHot - had it for about a day

    Taylormade Burner - had it for about a day

    Back to the RBZ until the face cracked

    Taylormade M2

    Meh. They made some really good stuff and some horrid stuff.

    Ping G400
    Callaway V Series 3w, HW
    Callaway Steelhead 4 hybrid
    Ping G 4-U
    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54* SS
    Vokey 58 M grind
    Odyssey Pro #1 black
    Jones Utility
    ECCO Biom Hybrid 3
  • dtc0207dtc0207 Advanced Members Posts: 116 ✭✭
    edited January 11
    Sad to say I have had every Ping driver since the ping zing 2 I also did try a Krank red hot chili pepper to. You would think as loyal as I am to ping I was on the paid staff list. Currently on the 400 max train
  • BonesawBonesaw Advanced Members Posts: 530 ✭✭
    From high school on:

    Callaway big bertha warbird

    Cleveland launcher 330(fond memories of this one)

    Cleveland hibore xl tour

    Ping i15

    Ping i20

    Rbz stage 2 briefly


    The list would be much longer if I didnt have kids!

  • MattyO1984MattyO1984 Advanced Members Posts: 4,680 ✭✭
    Pinseeker Jumbo

    Titleist 975D

    Titleist 975J-VS

    Titleist 905R

    Titleist 909D3

    Titleist 913D3

    Titleist 915D2

    Titleist 917D2

    Titlieist TS3

    That's me! The Pinseeker was my first ever driver when I was 12 I think. I got it along with a 5 wood from my mum's mail order catalogue and fitted my wooden 3 wood in between them. I think that I might still have it in the shed at my mum's house. It weighed a ton but I was able to hit it further than all my friends so it worked out good for me image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Beyond that, I know what I like and I like Titleist.
    Titleist TS3 8.5 Stiff Project X Even Flow White T1100
    Titleist 915Fd 15 Stiff Rogue Black
    Titleist 915Hd 17.5 Stiff Diamana S+
    Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW Stiff KBS Tour
    Titleist Vokey SM6 50.08, 54.10 & 60.04
    Scotty Cameron Futura 5S
  • CaddiesFaultCaddiesFault Golf Professional Advanced Members Posts: 781 ✭✭
    Callaway GBB

    Ping Rapture

    Callaway X2Hot

    Callaway BB Alpha

    Callaway Rogue SZ

    Callaway Flash SZ
  • BrianMcGBrianMcG Advanced Members Posts: 2,130 ✭✭
    I know all of you are lying, because nobody has listed the HAMMERX yet.

    Walter: Tell me Bobby, why do you play this game?
    Bobby: I play because I love it.
    Walter: Well I play for the money. I have to win. That is why every time we face each other I will always beat you.
  • GooseHookGooseHook Keep it Fraiche Advanced Members Posts: 11,596 ✭✭
    R7 460

    2009 Burner TP




    Bio Cell Pro

    bio cell +

    m1 '17 440

    M2 '17

    M1 460



    M4 9.5°, Motore Speeder 757
    Mizuno ST-180 17°, Tour Blue
    F9 Speedback 19°, Recoil 95 ES Hybrid
    Mizuno MP Fli Hi 21°, Recoil 110

    Srixon Z785 5-PW
    Mizuno S18  50.07, 54.08 & 58.08

    Lead Tape

  • jll62jll62 ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 1,963 ClubWRX
    edited January 11
    I'm pretty sure this is all of them.

    Austad's Junior Senator laminated driver

    Austad's Senator laminated driver

    Cleveland Classics persimmon

    Some sort of Dynacraft (?) steel driver

    TaylorMade Burner

    Lynx something or other

    King Cobra Deep Face

    Titleist 975D

    Titleist 975J

    TaylorMade r510TP

    TaylorMade r7 quad TP

    TaylorMade r7 425 TP

    Titleist 905R

    TaylorMade Tour Burner TP

    TaylorMade Superfast TP (long hosel)

    TaylorMade Rocketballz Tour

    TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour

    TaylorMade SLDR 460 9.5

    TaylorMade SLDR 460 10.5

    TaylorMade SLDR 430 10.5

    TaylorMade SLDR 430 White 10.5

    TaylorMade R15 430

    TaylorMade R15 460

    TaylorMade M1 430 9.5

    TaylorMade M1 430 10.5

    TaylorMade M1 460 10.5

    TaylorMade M2 10.5

    TaylorMade 2017 M2 9.5

    TaylorMade M3 9.5
    TaylorMade M5 9.0, Tensei Pro White 60 S, 44.75"
    TaylorMade M5 Rocket 3, Tensei Pro White 70 S, 42.5"
    TaylorMade P-790 UDI 2, Aerotech SteelFiber i95 S
    TaylorMade P-760 3, KBS C-Taper S
    TaylorMade P-770 4, DG X100 (SSx1)
    TaylorMade RSi TP 5-PW, KBS C-Taper S+
    TaylorMade Milled Grind 52 Raw, DG S400
    TaylorMade Hi-Toe 60 (58), DG S400
    TaylorMade DJ Itsy Bitsy Proto, 34"
    TaylorMade TP5x #12

    jll62's WITB
  • 95124hacker95124hacker Rare putter collection Advanced Members Posts: 1,265 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Started playing in the mid 90’s. Easily 50+ drivers, probably closer to 100... Longest stay in the bag was probably the R5 Dual TP if I had to guess.

    Edit: made the list... 59 and counting. Margin of error: +10/-0
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    ‘17 M2 “K serial” 10.5* turned down a notch, Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 63S
    '16 M1 3HL (17*), Fujikura Pro 70S
    King F7 2-3 (19*), Fujikura Pro 75h, S
    Epon AF-901 22*, Roddio Pentacross I-8, S
    '11 OnOff Forged 5-PW, Roddio Pentacross I-10, S
    Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG 52* & 58*
    Odyssey WHP CSM 400g
    Ball: Srixon Q-Star
  • GhostwedgeGhostwedge Advanced Members Posts: 640 ✭✭
    Me and DL3 were the last to convert over to metal woods..... lol.

    PowerBilt persimmon, at least 4 of them.

    Callaway BB

    Callaway GBB

    TM Burner 07 model ? still love that driver

    Cobra HS9

    Ping G10



    Ping G400
  • 6thFairway6thFairway Advanced Members Posts: 1,813
    I've been playing golf for 30+ years. You're gonna need to upgrade your bandwidth with your ISP.
  • NRJyzrNRJyzr Meet Séamus, Squirrel Control Officer Advanced Members Posts: 6,100 ✭✭
    rgk5 wrote:

    Since 1966 over 320 before the F8+.

    Thank you, rgk. I feel a bit better now image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    The Ever Changing Bag!

    Driver: Cobra King LTD, ProtoPype 80x or RIP 80x, 43.5" -or- SuperDeep 9.5*, ProtoPype 80x or NV85x, 43.5"
    3w: Cobra King LTD, Motore F1 85 X, 42.5"
    1 iron: Maxfli Revolution, DGS400
    2-PW, Golden Ram Tour Grind, Dynamic S
    SW: Ram Tour Grind Feel Matched 58*, DGS
    Putter: Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34.5", PP58 midsize grip
    (Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 35" -or- Mizuno TPM-2, 35" as backups)
    Balls: in no particular order... Wilson Staff FG Tour, Duo Urethane, or 50 Elite, Srixon ZStar/ZStar XV, Snell MTB Black... will trot out Maxfli HT-100 or Elite 90 from time to time
    Shoes by True Linkswear
  • GautamaGautama Advanced Members Posts: 745 ✭✭
    edited January 11
    Not exactly sure on the order, but I remember

    Toney Penna persimmon

    Powerbilt persimmon

    TaylorMade Burner Plus

    Callaway Big Bertha

    Some Daiwa thing

    Orlimar Trimetal

    Titleist 983k

    Cobra LD

    Nike SQ

    Adams Speedline 12

    Ping G25

    Mizuno JPX 850

    TaylorMade R15

    TaylorMade Aeroburner

    TaylorMade M2

    Ping G

    Probably more I'm not remembering. Those are the ones that stayed in the bag for at least a while
    "I see the distorted swings, the hurried rounds, and now the electric carts tae ruin the course and rob us of our exercise...we have gone off the mark, gone after the wrong things, forgotten what it's all about"

    -Dr. Julian Sands, Golf in the Kingdom
  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Advanced Members Posts: 3,891 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Spalding Top Flight

    Hogan Speed Slot Back when woods came in sets of 1, 3, 4, 5

    Pittsburgh Persimmon Burner Plus

    Ping clone

    Cleveland Launcher

    Nickent 4d

    Adams 12LS

    GBB 815 alpha


    Diablo Pro

    Nike SQ



    Bio Cell +


    913 D3

    M1 (OG)
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  • mshillsmshills T-I-G-E-R-S! Fight Tigers, fight dammit, FIGHT FIGHT! Advanced Members Posts: 3,812 ✭✭
    Here are the ones that stand out, but definitely not comprehensive!

    - PowerBilt Citation

    - Ping Eye 2

    - Lynx Boom Boom (really a 2W I think)

    - Ping Zing 2

    - Titleist 983K

    - Callaway FT-3 Tour

    - Cleveland HiBore

    - Srixon Z Star

    That's the list I remember leading up to WITB today. I'm sure there are more.
    Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 8 deg
    TEE E8 Beta 16.5 deg
    Callaway Big Bertha V Series Heavenwood
    TEE CB Pro 3h 21 deg
    Titleist 735.CM 4-PW, S300
    Titleist Vokey 54.14, 58.08
    Dave Curry Big Oak custom center shaft
    Custom Eliott carry bag, waxed canvas and leather
  • jbrunkjbrunk Advanced Members Posts: 550 ✭✭
    I’ll play, not a long history, mostly Cobra.

    MacGregor-Nicklaus persimmon

    something Nike

    La Jolla 400

    Callaway FT-iQ

    Cobra ZL Encore

    Cobra Fly-Z

    Cobra BiO Cell+

    Cobra Fly-Z+

    Mizuno JPX-850

    Cobra King F6+

    Cobra King LTD

    Ping G400
    Sun Mountain C130S
    Cobra King F9 10.5° HZRDUS Smoke 6.0
    Cobra King F9 Tour 17.5° 5W HZRDUS Smoke 6.0
    Ping G 22° 4Hy 2KNV Green 85H
    Callaway XF 4i Steelfiber i95
    Callaway XF/MB 5i-PW Modus3 120
    Mizuno S18 52° 58° Modus3 120
    Piretti Teramo
  • ago33ago33 Advanced Members Posts: 2,138 ✭✭
    High School

    SMT 455 Deep Bore

    -6 years away from the game-

    Taylormade SLDR

    Ping G30 LST

    Callaway Epic Sub Zero

    Thinking next year ill go back to the Ping LST

    Current Gamers

    Cobra F9 Speedback 9.................................Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX
    TC Callaway X Hot 3 Deep 14.5...................Rombax P95 X
    Taylormade GAPR Mid 3..............................Recoil Utility 110F5
    Mizuno MP-18 FliHi 4,5................................AMT TI X100
    Mizuno MP-25 6-PW....................................AMT TI X100
    Callaway MD Forged 50, 56.........................AMT TI S400
    TI Taylormade Hi Toe 60.09..........................AMT TI S400
    Scotty Cameron 5.5M...................................Grip Master
  • dokodiydokodiy Members Posts: 48 ✭✭

    907 d2

    910 d2

    917 d2
    Titleist 917D2 8.5 | Matrix Ozik BlackTie 7M3 X
    Titleist 910F 15 | Matrix Ozik WhiteTie 7X3 X
    Titleist 910H 21 | Matrix Ozik WhiteTie HX3 X
    Srixon U65 [20] | Z965 [4-P] Steelfiber i110cw S HS

    RTX-3 RAW 52,56,60
    Byron Morgan 615
  • Sesh  Sesh Advanced Members Posts: 318 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Here comes the carpal tunnel .. is that how it’s spelled?

    Wilson Beth Daniel persimmon

    H/B powerbilt citation

    Dunlop talon

    Taylor made burner

    Wilson deep face

    Callaway Bobby Jones

    Cobra King Cobra

    Callaway Warbird

    Goldwin AVDP

    Ping Tisi

    Titleist 975D

    Cleveland something ? It’s was black

    Taylormade 540

    Taylormade R7

    Taylormade R5 tp

    Taylormade Burner

    Taylormade R7 425tp tour issue Welcome to Golfwrx!

    Taylormade tour burner

    Titleist 909 d comp

    Adams 9015d long drive head

    Ping i15

    Ping Rapture V2

    Taylormade super deep

    Taylormade Superfast

    Taylormade R11

    Cobra Amp cell pro

    Taylormade SLDR

    Callaway alphab815

    Callaway Great Big Bertha

    Callaway xr16 Sub Zero

    Callaway Epic Sub zero

    Callaway Rogue sub zero

    Cobra Persimmons
    Rogue Sub Zero 9 hzrdus black65
    Rogue 3 wood Hzrdus yellow 85
    M2 L.I.F.T 2 iron Hzrdus black
    4-uw i200 nippon modus
    54 Vokey TVD V grind
    60 Vokey TVD low bounce K
    Toulon San Diego
  • calfan36calfan36 Advanced Members Posts: 146 ✭✭
    Beginner set of women's clubs from Costco: Prince SST

    Cleveland HiBore XL

    Cleveland Classic XL Custom

    Cobra Bio Cell Pro

    Cobra King LTD
  • nowitski41nowitski41 Advanced Members Posts: 357
    Taylormade Burner Bubble

    Callaway Biggest Big Bertha(top 3 list)

    Taylormade R7 460 (top 3 list)

    Taylormade R9 460

    Taylormade R1 (racing stripe lol)

    Ping i25

    Taylormade Speedblade (for a hot minute)

    Taylormade SLDR 460(all time #1)

    Taylormade M2 2016

    Taylormade M2 D-Type (for 3 rounds. All time worst experiment)

    Taylormade M4

  • bodhi555bodhi555 Advanced Members Posts: 661 ✭✭
    No idea of them in chronological order, but the ones I remember are:

    McGregor The Big 1

    TM Tour Preferred 8.5 Degree

    Petron TPX

    Yonex ADX 200

    Yonex Super ADX

    Yonex Super ADX Titanium

    Yonex Titanium Plus

    Callaway Big Bertha Warbird

    Callaway Great Big Bertha

    Callaway Biggest Big Bertha

    Callaway X460 Tour

    TM R300

    TM XR-05

    Nike Ignite

    Nike Ignite +

    Nike SQ 460 Tour

    Nike Covert Tour

    Nike Vapor Fly

    Powerbilt TPS Persimmon

    Not too bad for a 30+ year golf career!
    The Blue Thunder: Nike Vapor Fly - 9.5 degree - Speeder Evolution 757X
    The Stenson: Nike Vapor Fly 3W - Diamana Blueboard 70S+
    The Fairway Finder: Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 Iron - KBS C-Taper 120S Shaft
    The Blades: Nike VR Pro 4i - PW - DG S400 TI Shaft
    The Rusties: Nike Engage 50, 54 Square Sole, 58 Toe Sweep
    The Putter: Scotty Cameron California Del Mar - 34"
    Balls: Nike RZN Tour Black/Platinum, Bridgestone Tour B XS, Titleist AVX
    Bag: Sun Mountain Four Five

    Also in Rotation:

    Spare Driver: Nike Covert Tour - Kuro Kage 60X
    Fairway Woods: Nike Vapor Fly 5W - Diamana Blueboard 70S+
    Putters: Yonex Super A.D.X Tour Forged / Scotty Cameron Newport Oil Can / Hogan Radial P51
  • irishmike27irishmike27 Advanced Members Posts: 139 ✭✭
    Golfworks Jr. Pro

    Slotline Tour Classic

    Taylor Made Tour Preffered

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Firestick)

    Cleveland Launcher 330

    Exotics XLD

    Cleveland Classic XL

    Tour Edge Exotics

    Mizuno MP-001 400

    Back to Tour Edge Exotics
  • LemondeLemonde Advanced Members Posts: 727 ✭✭
    TM Original One

    TM Burner

    TM Burner Plus

    Wilson Firestick

    Titleist 975D

    Callaway Steelhead III

    Cleveland Launcher 400

    TM Burner

    TM Burner SF

    TM RBZ Tour

    Nike Covert Tour

    TM SLDR 430

    M1 430 (10 min)

    M1 440

    Wilson Staff C300

    Driver - TM M3 440 10 Tensei Blue X
    Driver - TM M5 Tour 435 10.5 Tensei Orange X (ON ORDER)
    Fairway - Ping G410 14.5 Project X Evenflow Black 85 6.5 (ON ORDER)
    Hybrid - TM M6 19 Hzrdus Black 6.5
    Irons - W/S C300 Forged 5-GW KBS Tour V XStiff
    Wedge - Mizuno S18 56
    Wedge - TM Hi Toe 58
    Putter - Rife Phenom.Z 34”
  • ThunderBuzzworthThunderBuzzworth Hulk... Smash!! Advanced Members Posts: 2,551 ✭✭
    Yonex Super ADX


    R580XD - Penley Stealth shaft

    905s - Grafalloy Blue OG

    FT-3 Tour - Aldila NV

    Rapture - VS Proto

    Tour Burner TP - Diamana whiteboard (flowerband)

    909D3 - Diamana Ilima

    Razr Hawk Tour - Diamana Ilima

    R9 tour issue - Motore F1 2.2

    VR Pro II - Morore F1 4.1

    S9-1 Pro D - Grafalloy bimatrix prototype

    Razr Fit Xtreme - Diamana Ilima

    SLDR 430 - Oban Kiyoshi gold

    SLDR white - GD P9003

    G30 LST - GD P9003

    16’ M2 - GD GP

    16’ M1 - GD GP

    16’ M1 - Tensei pro White

    16’ M2 - Tensei pro white (current & undisputed heavyweight champion)

    Current WITB

    Taylormade 2016 M1 7.8* (Tensei Pro white 80tx)
    Titleist 917 F3 15* (Tensei Pro white 90tx)
    Titleist 716 TMB 19* (DG X100)
    Callaway 18’ X Forged 4-PW (KBS $ Taper 130)
    Titleist Vokey SM6 50F black (x100)
    Titleist Vokey TVD 55K black (x100)
    Titleist Vokey SM7 60D black (x100)
    Taylormade Spider Tour Black 34”
    Srixon Z Star XV 17’ Yellow
  • LaymanMLaymanM Advanced Members Posts: 1,966 ✭✭
    It's a very long list that I dont want to try and remember. I know I won't. I have three drivers currently. Epic Sub Zero, Tommy Armour TA1 and PING G400 Max if that tells you anything lol.

    I need to stop being such a HO. Selling the Epic and G400 Max asap. TA1 is that good
    PING G400 Max 9*, Adidla Rogue Max 75x
    Callaway 815 Alpha 3W and 5W Speeder 665 stiff
    Srixon U65 4, Modus 105s
    Srixon Z785 5-PW Modus 120s
    Edel DVR 50, s200
    SM7 54F / 58K
    SC Studio Style Newport 2
  • Hat TrickHat Trick Advanced Members Posts: 530
    TM 300

    TM 360XD

    Titleist 907

    Titleist 910D2

    Titleist 913D3
  • WestCoastSeminoleWestCoastSeminole Aspiring "Cocktail Tour" Player Advanced Members Posts: 162
    2001-2002: U.S. Kids Red Series

    2002-2003: U.S. Kids Blue Series

    2003-2004: U.S. Kids Green Series

    2004-2005: U.S. Kids Silver Series

    2005-2006: Nike Ignite Junior

    2006-2007: TaylorMade Burner (c. late 1990s model) 10.5* w/ Bubble shaft

    2007-2008: King Cobra M Series Offset 10.5* w/ stock shaft

    2008: TaylorMade Tour Burner 10.5* w/ stock shaft

    2008-2009: TaylorMade R7 CGB Max 10.5* w/ Fuji Rombax shaft

    2009-2010: Titleist 909D3 10.5* w/ Graphite Design YS6+ shaft

    2010-2011: tour issue Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Prototype 9* w/ Diamana 'ahina 60x

    2011-2014: tour issue TaylorMade R11s 9* w/ Diamana Kai'li 60x or Tour AD-DI 6x

    2014-2015: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 9* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60x

    2015-2017: tour issue Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 9* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60x

    2017-present: Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60x

    The Razr Hawk Tour Prototype was my favorite and one I definitely wish I hung on to. I hit some bombs with that thing if memory serves. Somebody offered me much, much more than I had paid for it after I already had a new R11s in hand. I've hit some bombs with the Sub Zero but these days, I really struggle to put enough spin on the ball off the tee when things are a little off, so its time in the bag is likely coming to an end soon.
    Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9* Even Flow Blue 6.5
    Nike VR Pro Ltd. 15* Diamana Blueboard 83x
    Titleist 816 H2 19* Fuji Speeder 8.8 Tour Spec X
    Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 21* KBS C-Taper 120 S
    Srixon 765 4-5 965 6-9 KBS C-Taper 120 S
    Cleveland RTX3 Tour Raw 46* 52* 58*
    custom Scotty Cameron Studio Select Laguna 1.5
    2018 Titleist ProV1
  • St JimmySt Jimmy Advanced Members Posts: 385 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    -Northwestern Driver from my 'garage sale' set

    -Original Nike Driver in 2004 on eBay

    -Nike SQ Black around 2009 (I think?)

    Then I found this website and eventually started reading the equipment forum and I bought a new driver every year.

    -Titleist 915 D2 in 2015

    -Ping G SFT 2016

    -Taylormade M2 2017

    -Ping G400 2018

    I'm still set with the G400.

    I love everything about it.

    My plan is to skip G410 and then buy as many G400 heads I can find when when G420 comes out.

    They should be dirt cheap by then.
    Ping G400
    Ping G400 stretch 3
    Mizuno HM 4 iron bent to 19 degrees
    Miura CB-57 3-PW
    Miura Y Grind 51
    Miura K Grind 56
    Scotty Golo 3
  • mitts7mitts7 Members Posts: 40 ✭✭
    Fun thread, from what I can remember since about 2000 to present:

    Callaway Big Bertha

    Titleist 975D

    Cleveland Launcher 400cc

    Cobra (can’t remember exact model, remember the stock shaft was maroon)

    Ping G2

    Titleist 905R (stil have in the basement that I break out once in a great while)

    TM Rocketballz Tour (wish I would have kept this one)

    Callaway XR Pro

    Working on a little winter project to put a shaft back in the G2 head I still had laying around to see how it performs against the XR pro!!!
  • Loomis13Loomis13 Advanced Members Posts: 174
    Taylormade Burner

    Taylormade rocketballz

    Cobra Biocell +

    Taylormade M3

    I tend to keep clubs for a while, mainly because I don't have the income to swap a lot being in college.
  • JagpilotohioJagpilotohio 45+ inch drivers are evil. Advanced Members Posts: 7,036 ✭✭
    Moo wrote:

    Apparently I'm the only guy that ever owned a Yonex!

    In it's day, that Yonex was long.

    The list is too long, but it started with a persimmon (that sounded great with a THWACK that metal can never equal) and ended with the 910 D2 (after trying Epic, M1, various other TM, newer Titleist...still go back to that old 910).

    You missed my post earlier.. My dad and I both had a Yonex ADX. He had the standard 11* (I still have it as a momento) , I had the “tour” 9* version.

    The most satisfying “thwack” ever. A bit like a perfect strike with a wooden baseball bat.

    Try the new Cobra F9. Not quite the same, but close....and VERY satisfying. I bet you’ll like it. I’m ordering one
    9.5* Cobra LTD, Old school Grafalloy Blue, 43.5"
    14* Cally 815 alpha fuji 665 X 42"
    16* Cally 815 alpha fuji 665 X, 41.5" (set to 17*)
    19* Titleist 816 H2 fuji 8.8X TS 40.0"
    4-9 2016 Hogan PTx, KBS Tour V, 120X
    Ping glide 2 46-12, 50-12, 54-14 (at 55) stealth, 60-14(at 61) stealth, All wedges Recoil Proto 125 F5
    33.5" Ghost spider slant neck.
    Srixon Z-star XV
    Jones Trouper Bag
  • sjt4718sjt4718 Advanced Members Posts: 326 ✭✭
    Last 6 years:

    ♧Cobra Zl Encore

    ♧Callaway Razr x black

    ♧TM R11

    ♧TM Sldr- awesome looking,solid less forgiving.

    ♧ 2014 Big Bertha Alpha- best looking club I've ever seen as long and a bit more forgiving than the Sldr.

    ♧ Ping G30 lst- Hideous looks and sound but as long as bba and sldr plus more forgiving.

    ♧ Titleist 917 D2- Shorter than the Sldr,bba,g30. Sound,looks and feel are great. I'm really trying to make this relationship work with the 917d2 but I might be returning to my all time favorite 2014 bba or maybe an 815 bba DVD or perhaps a Cobra King Ltd.

  • stashtvstashtv Members Posts: 37
    Don't even remember my original set, but whatever its driver was.

    Nike Sumo Sasquash? Square head, sounded terrible, but helped my slice just a bit.

    Taylormade Burner, circa 2007-2008. Everyone had this driver. I *still* see people playing this driver today.

    Cobra Amp Cell Pro, circa 2012. My first foray into a fitted club, WELL worth the money.

    Ping i20. My first foray into an eBay purchase: wanted an X-flex shaft, bought a whole club instead. For $60, I hit well longer than my Cobra, and quickly became my gamer.

    Ping G400 LST. Fitted a few months ago, and a definite improvement over the i20.
  • 95124hacker95124hacker Rare putter collection Advanced Members Posts: 1,265 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Let me try by OEM.

    TM: r7 Quad, r5 Dual TP, R510 TP, r7 SuperQuad TP, R15 Black TP, R15 460 TP, '16 460 M1, '17 M2

    Cally: Big Bertha "The Deuce", GBB II, Mini 1.5, XR16 SZ, Fusion

    Ping: TiSI, TiSI Tec, G, G400 LST

    Cobra: SS427, LTD Pro, Fly Z

    Titleist: 976R, 983K, 915 D2

    Cleveland: Classic XL Custom

    Bridgestone: J715

    TourStage: GR, X-Drive 701

    Srixon: Z725 Limited, ZR-700

    Mizuno: JPX 850, JPX EZ, MP Craft R-1

    Others: Cubic Balance, SMT 455, Bang Golf Big Bang, KZG Gemini, Alpha Reaction V2

    JDM: Yonex Tri-G, jBEAM BM-435, Ryoma D-1 Premia, Epon AF 151, Epon EMB, Yamaha V202, Yamaha RMX Tour, Yamaha D445 Power Forward, PRGR Egg 7, PRGR RS-F, Astro Tour V II, S-Yard T.388, OnOff Plus Black, OnOff Labospec 358, Crazy CRZ450, Justick Proceed 460R IV, P-Tune PG-313, Grandista RS-001, Kamui Pro TP-07 Nitro, Kasco DNA E-340, Grand Prix GP-X3
    Post edited by Unknown User on
    ‘17 M2 “K serial” 10.5* turned down a notch, Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 63S
    '16 M1 3HL (17*), Fujikura Pro 70S
    King F7 2-3 (19*), Fujikura Pro 75h, S
    Epon AF-901 22*, Roddio Pentacross I-8, S
    '11 OnOff Forged 5-PW, Roddio Pentacross I-10, S
    Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG 52* & 58*
    Odyssey WHP CSM 400g
    Ball: Srixon Q-Star
  • dave williedave willie Advanced Members Posts: 789 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Wilson Sam Snead (laminated)

    Ben Hogan Speed Slot (laminated)

    Ram persimmon

    TaylorMade Tour Burner Plus

    TaylorMade Burner Bubble

    Titleist 975D

    Titleist 975 L-FE

    TaylorMade Tour Burner

    TaylorMade R7 Quad

    Titleist 907D2

    Ping G15

    TaylorMade RBZ Tour

    Titleist 917D3

    I think that's all of them, not exactly sure the ordering is accurate.
    Titleist 917 D3 10.5 Diamana Ltd S+ Blue 70-S
    Cobra Bio Cell 3/4 wood PXv 6.0
    Cleveland Hi-Bore 19 hybrid
    Ping i210 4-PW AWT 2.0 R
    Cleveland 588 50*, 54* & 60*
    Cameron Mil-Spec & Del Mar 2 Tei
  • roundersmittyroundersmitty Advanced Members Posts: 1,097 ✭✭
    Prism metal wood

    Cleveland Classic Oil Hardened Persimmons

    Cobra Ti

    Ping Eye 2 laminated maple

    TM r7

    Ping G15

    Titleist 910 D3

    Titleist 915 D2

    TM M1 2017
    2017 M1 10.5* Kuro Kage 60s
    Exotics 16.5* Exotics Fuji 72s
    Adams XTD ti 20* Red Tie S
    TM P770 4-P Steelfiber i95s
    TM MG 50*,56*,60* Steelfiber i95s
    Odyssey EXO Seven S
  • AThompson_3AThompson_3 Advanced Members Posts: 1,398 ✭✭
    Cleveland Hi-Bore

    Taylormade R11s

    Ping G30 LST

    Taylormade M1

    Ping G

    Callaway Epic SZ
    Driver: Callaway Epic SZ 9* Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 6X
    3 Wood: Titleist 917 F2 15* Diamana D+ 70X
    Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2 19* Fujikura Atmos HB Tour Spec Black 9X
    Irons: Mizuno MP-25 4-P DGTI X100
    Wedges: Vokey SM7 50F, 55S, 60M Project X 6.5
    Putter(s): Odyssey O Works 7s Black, Bettinardi BB1F
    Ball: Titleist Pro V1
    Bag: Sun Mountain Four-5
  • MahamiltoMahamilto Advanced Members Posts: 1,816 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Great Big Bertha - then wanted to try something new

    Biggest Big Bertha - then got caught by 975 presence on tour

    975D - then got a free BB460

    Big Bertha 460 - Then snapped the bore thru hosel

    RBZ Tour - Played less, started to spray

    G25 - Loved, but lost yards to spin of 3000

    RAZR Fit - Hit too low too often, but was probably shaft

    Fly-Z + - Great at times, hooked it far too often

    G30 LST - Hated the sound

    LTD Pro - Idiot for selling, but rarely played and was wild on my off days... which were too frequent at that time (swing, not club)

    GLS Tech Custom - Best blend of forgiveness and distance I had to date, but a tad too spiny (chose accuracy over yards)

    G400LST - Played more often, upgraded to this, loved it, but traded it because GLSTech in backup bag was as good and got incredible trade for T-MBs that I otherwise lacked the funds for at time

    G LS Tech - Back to old faithful, but it still spun more than ideal

    G400Max - Hit a buddy's and thought it was silly easy to hit (it is), and hit it as far on the range as the GLS... played on a course with it 3x and realized I spun it much more than the LST and was losing about 8 yards.

    G LS Tech Custom - Yeah... back to old faithful... again

    About 8 shafts on GLST, hit Copper Mamba 60x best, but spin wasn't ideal

    Now... Titleist TS3

    The TS3 is honestly the best overall driver I've had. It is just as easy to hit as the G400LST, and maybe a tad less forgiving than the GLS-Tech, but the setup eliminates the left side and I'm hitting it 10 yards further with a better trajectory and no ballooning.

    Love it behind the ball, love the sound, and best trajectory. Very easy to hit. Very long.
    Post edited by Unknown User on
    Titleist TS3 - 10.5 - HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 6.5
    Titleist 917F2 - 15*, Diamana S+ LTD 80TX
    Titleist 716 T-MB 3-4-iron - KBS C-Taper 130x
    Titleist 716 T-MB 5-PW - DG AMT x100
    Titleist 718 AP2 50* - DG AMT x100
    Titleist SM7 55* S-Grind - DG AMT x100
    Titleist SM2 59.12* - DG Tour Issue x100
    Evnroll ER6-B
    Titleist AVX
    Titleist Staff Stand Bag
  • DFinchDFinch Advanced Members Posts: 1,330 ✭✭
    edited January 12
    No way am I going to remember them all. I started in 1990 right at the beginning of the "leaving persimmon behind". First driver was persimmon. I built some component metal drivers, then an all carbon component driver stayed in for quite awhile. In no particular order and purely from memory:

    an off brand 400cc steel head that i caved the face on and was HUGE for it's day

    TM Burner

    TM Bubble

    Yonex ADX

    Callaway Warbird

    Titleist 975D

    Titleist 975J-VS

    Titleist 983E

    TM Superfast

    TM R9

    TM R11

    PING Anser



    Cobra Fly-Z+

    Cobra F6+

    Cobra LTD Pro

    Callaway Epic SZ

    Titleist TS3
    Post edited by Unknown User on
    Titleist TS3 Evenflow White
    Cobra Fly Z 3W 14.5*
    Cobra F6 Baffler 18.5*
    Maltby TS-2 4-GW DG105 X-100
    Mizuno MP-T5 54*/58*
    Evnroll ER8
    Snell MTB
  • OaksOaks Member of #TeamJetSpeed ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 2,361 ClubWRX
    TaylorMade Burner Bubble

    Callaway Great Big Bertha w EI-70

    Titleist 975D UST 65

    Titleist 975J Penley Stealth

    TaylorMade 300 Tour w Penley ETA

    TaylorMade R580TP w Penley ETA

    R7 Speeder 757

    Bridgestone J33R (4 of them)

    Callaway FT-3

    Callaway FT Tour

    Callaway RAZRFIT

    TaylorMade Jetspeed

    TaylorMade SLDR

    TaylorMade M1 440

    I know I missed a few but they were never in the bag for long
    taylormade-small.jpg M1 440 9.5* - ACCRA TZP Proto 265 M5
    callaway-small.jpg X2 Hot Pro - 15* Aldila Tour Green X
    ping-small.jpg i15 Hybrid 17* - Project X 6.0
    taylormade-small.jpg 2014 MC - 3-PW DG Tour Issue X100
    titelist-small.jpg Vokey SM5 54.10S & 60.11K - DG TI X100
    odyssey-small.jpg O Works 7
    titelist-small.jpg 2016 Ultralight - titelist-small.jpg Pro V1X
    #TeamJetSpeed - Dec 2013

    WITB Link
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