Cubic Balance Blades

I'm hoping someone can tell me what I found? I picked up these heads for $60. I know Cubic Balance went out of business and know very little about them. I was told these were some sort of prototype. They are very soft, have a satin finish, some "reverse offset" in the short irons and have a more rounded modern look than the standard or Elkington Cubic Balance heads I've seen. I'm also curious where Cubic Balance heads were made and by who? Any ideas or info would be much appreciated!


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    Superb looking heads. At a bargain price. Enjoy.
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    I don't know anything about them, but they look fantastic, especially at that price!
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    There used to be a member on here a long time ago named Addam Smith from Austrailia. His specialty was Titleist Custom Grind irons. He was good friends with and owned several sets of irons played by PGA Tour player Steve Elkington (1995 PGA Champion). The reason I mention this is because one of the sets he had pictures of was a set of Cubic Balance blades just like the ones you have pictured. Apparently, when Steve Elkington left Titleist, he signed with Cubic Balance. So, unless I am mistaken, you have a very rare set of blades designed for Steve Elkington. I will try to find out more info. for you. GREAT FIND !!!
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    Here is a picture of Steve Elkington's set. Search "Rare Titleist Custom Grind Irons" here on Golf WRX. It is on page 3, post #78. The ones he had pictured are stamped "ELK MODEL" on the hosel as seen in the picture. According to Addam, only 750 sets of these were produced.
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    Thank you Seayhorse! Those are really close to mine other than the marking under the number in the 6 iron and 9 iron. It's making sense now that perhaps these were made for a specific player rather than mass production.
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    Cubic Balance was one of those companies (like AVDP), and placed a number of ads in Golf World magazine.

    To my knowledge, those Cubic Balance blade irons like yours were RH Only- Just like most small companies in this period.

    Cubic Balance staffers besides Steve Elkington were Calvin Peete (RIP), and some player from South Africa, currently on the Champions Tour.

    Could have been a custom set for someone, but good luck finding their history.
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