Hilarious Facebook Marketplace Ad

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I died when I came across this post. The best part, “older but in really good condition.” I get that the poster probably has no idea about anything golf related and found these in an attic or something, but good lord in what world are these in “really good condition”
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  • jj9000jj9000 ClubWRX Posts: 2,632 ClubWRX
    Look "Minty Fresh" to me.
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    If only they were righties.

    BTW I seethe/chuckle each time I see a left handed player say that in the classifieds. I know it shouldn't bother me, but it gets under my skin for some reason.
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    I'd bet he'd go down to $42 if you ask nicely.
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    kcsf wrote:

    If only they were righties.

    BTW I seethe/chuckle each time I see a left handed player say that in the classifieds. I know it shouldn't bother me, but it gets under my skin for some reason.

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    The feedback system is annoying
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    That pretty much sums up any clubs I see on our local Buy/Sell Facebook groups. It's usually a boxed set from the 90's that they are selling for the low low price of $100-$150, or beat up old off brand woods for $50 a piece. Sometimes, they will throw in a rickety old pull cart in on the deal.
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    you sure that's not a current ad in the classifieds here?
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    jj9000 wrote:

    Look "Minty Fresh" to me.

    That one always gets me too - I honestly think we've raised an entire generation that somehow doesn't understand what "mint condition" means. "Minty!" image/laugh.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />
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    Those look like recent Callaway Preowned "Like New" condition clubs. Didn't know they were diversifying into selling on fb. GLWS
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    LOL...great thread!!!!

    It's ridiculous what some people think their golf stuff is worth...I see it all the time on my FB Marketplace...here's a couple recent examples!

    The other pix of the ping bag show how dirty the bag is and how worn the openings are!
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    Well you can still hit golf balls with them!

    Seriously, you golfers act like these things should look brand new forever.


    Clueless Seller
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    "I thought you guys liked a little bag chatter."
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    I bet he’s one of the guys who is the first to message you with trade offers for your new TM 760’s.
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    ...if only they were hickory shafted! 😂
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