macgregor and golden bear club re furbish project

Hello fellers. i got some neat golf clubs that have been in my possession for a while Golden bear CB style irons that have a nice cavity shape to them(golden bears were my dads) and the macgregors were a set that my twin brother used during our first years in golf (until they were too short for him, Hes two inches taller than me).

What i was looking to do was put some modern shafts in them and maybe refinish them (satin, matte, black etc), also i was wondering if any one had any club history or knowledge of these clubs (specs, feel etc)

here are some pics let me know

Nike VR tour driver (420 cc) regular flex
Cleveland DST launcher 3w stiff
Nike VR Covert 5w stiff
Nike VR Pro combo irons (2014) 3-Pw stiff
Cleveland 588 forged 54-60 (BP and Chrome)
Nike 006 w Pure grip


  • WrigglesWriggles Members Posts: 3,196 ✭✭
    Never had a full of the "Bears." I had a set of blond laminated woods, though, and a few odd irons, gotten at Goodwill. They came out in around 1975. I wanted a set, when I bought my first full set of clubs back then. The store didn't have left handed, so I ended up with a set of Wilsons. I recall the Golden Bear set was priced at $99.99 back then, for 11 clubs.

    Never really played the few clubs I had. Ended up passing them on to someone else.
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    I think most of the forum will be more interested in the Kool Cat Wood Bros club I spy in the first pic :-)

    Golden Bear clubs I think were store line, not pro line.
  • BigarchBigarch Members Posts: 495 ✭✭
    I say clean em up, shine em up and then go hit em. I wouldn't bother with a full re-finish on any of them because you'll end up with more $$$ in them than they are worth. That Wood Bros. Kool Kat could be the only exception.
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    Looks like you have a kind of mish-mash of irons.

    Agree that the Kool Kat is the worthy weapon in that bag you've shown us.

    As for the Golden Bears, they were store line, but...that should never discourage anyone from playing them. You might like 'em, and since you already have them....why not give them a try?

    If you DO like them, give 'em a good cleaning, maybe look at the grips, if they need upgrading - the worst thing that might happen if you keep them but don't play them, is that you would have an extra set for someone that might visit, but doesn't have their clubs with them.

    Good Luck! And, welcome to the board!
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