Best day of the year for the working/dad/golfer?



  • Well...DST is here! So many signs of spring are arriving at once. An extra hour of daylight starts tomorrow. Warming temps (apologies to the guys up north getting hammered right now), Spring training, March Madness, Golf after work, taking the cover off the grill, putting the guns away and getting fishing poles and golf clubs out. Already have plans to take my boys out for 9 holes after work on Monday and hopefully enough daylight to fire up the grill and play some baseball in the backyard. Hopefully it’ll be the same for the rest of you soon.
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    Today is the the day! Happy holidays!
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    530 pm and the sun is still bright!

    If only it wasn't in the low 30's.
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    Sitting on the couch yesterday, watching the sun drop behind the houses, first weekday after the time change.

    7:30 PM, temperature 50 degrees, realizing I could have easily played 9+ holes after work if I weren't recovering from abdominal surgery last week.

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    Great golf days for dads::

    US Open Thursday leading into Father's Day weekend!

    Masters Wednesday !

    DST starting !

    Day 1 of the Ryder Cup !

    First day the home course and outdoor grass range open !

    My girls are in university but having 4 vehicles for us in the summer time (April to August) was a critical key. No more chauffering duties made life a lot simpler (as posters said above)

    Living through sim golf is not much fun. Supposed to be 11*C here in 48hrs so hopefully all the snow and ice go BYE BYE
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    We get an oddball day off every year on a Friday in mid-March at my work. I always think of this as the official kick-off to my golf season. It's the perfect opportunity for me to get out and knock some of the rust off from the infrequent play of the winter. The last couple of years the weather has not been that great - temps in the upper 40's/low 50's with plenty of wind. I've still gone out and gotten in as many holes as I could. It's really a perfect set up: my wife's working, my daughter's at school, and the course is pretty much empty since most people are at work.This Friday is the day this year, and we're looking at upper 60's! Sometime in the next day or two my wife, who loves nothing more than to needle me about playing so much golf (her words), will undoubtedly make the same lame joke she makes every year where she casually suggests that she take the day off as well so we can do something together. I'll probably go with my typical response of, "nah, I'm good".
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    Masters Sunday can't be beat
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