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Need help big hitters shaft type

 406golfer ·  
406golfer406golfer  4WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 4
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I'm sure something like this has been posted before but I wasn't seeing it. So I'm trying to find out what shafts some of the longer hitters on the forum are using I'm talking swing speed of 118 and up. What shaft driver combo finally got your spin numbers down?


  • rugbydaverugbydave  137WRX Points: 69Handicap: 1Members Posts: 137
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    Aldila Synergy Black Tour Proto 70TX. Low spin king. Going to be hard to find but this thing is the best. I have hit all the Tensei Pro’s, T1100, Graphite Design’s, Kuro Kage, etc. Nothing compares. You can stomp on this thing.
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • ProjectXProjectX I can a hit lob wedge 150...but only from a greenside bunker  1333WRX Points: 128Members Posts: 1,333
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    The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero with a Diamana D+ ltd 70 TX-stiff that you built for me and hot melted to D6 was my best combo since my R9 Superdeep way back when. Hit my longest drive ever with the Rogue, 406 yards in the World Golf Scramble in Las Vegas. The F9 with the same shaft I played this season was a spinner. Definitely don't recommend that head. I'm going with either an Epic Flash Sub Zero or Mavrik Sub Zero with the same shaft this season and hoping lightning strikes twice with Callaway.

    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Tensei CK Pro White 70 TX
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Fairway 15* Tensei CK Pro White 80 TX
    Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid 18* Tensei CK Pro White 90 TX
    Mizuno MP 18 MMC Fli-Hi 3-5 KBS Tour C-Taper X
    Mizuno MP 18 SC 6-P KBS Tour C-Taper X
    Taylormade Milled Grind 2 Chrome SB 52/9 & 56/12 KBS Tour C-Taper X
    Taylormade Raw Face Milled Grind Hi-Toe 60/10 KBS Tour C-Taper X
    SeeMore Nashville z3c Black Mallet
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  • Gtyler14Gtyler14 Va 682WRX Points: 67Handicap: +2.2Members Posts: 682
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    I swing about 115-118 and I play a kuro kage dual core 70TX in a tour issue m4 head but I’m going to try a m3 head. This combo has been the best driver I’ve had and love love love this shaft

    Tour issue M4 8.5 w/ Kuro Kage dual core 70TX tipped 1” 44”
    Tour issue M1 T3 14.3 Kuro Kage dual core 80TX tipped 1 42.5” or Diamana bf 80TX tipped 1
    Tour issue TM m1 3HL 17.8 fujikura p95x tipped 1 41.75”
    TM 790 UDI x100 39.75
    TM 750 tour Proto 4-pw tour issue x100
    TM MG AB 54 Tour issue x100
    TM MG AB 60 tour issue x100
    Nike method 001
    Scotty Cameron select Newport 2
  • titleless_30titleless_30  90WRX Points: 41Handicap: +1.7Members Posts: 90
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    I'm at 121-124 and I use the F9 set at 7.5 with a Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 75 grams tipped an inch. Plays perfect for me right around 2000-2100 rpm's and 13-14 launch.

  • hitemstr8rhitemstr8r  16WRX Points: 11Members Posts: 16
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    Rugbydave which head do you have that paired with?

  • Righty to LeftyRighty to Lefty  51WRX Points: 47Handicap: 5.2Members Posts: 51
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    Tensei White Prototype with the Blue band on it tipped 2 inches X Flex with a Cally XR16 5 degree Long Drive head turned down to 4 degrees with 40 grams of hotmelt in the head. Low spin monster and a wind beater setup that has worked out really well for me. The hotmelt may have taken a mile per hour or two away but I hit it better so it was a worthy sacrifice and if I really want to reach back I can still ramp it up to 124 mph. Finding the right combination of total weight and swingweight really helped me tremendously.

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