2019 PGA Show Fujikura, Tour Edge & Titleist Demo Day

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    I've always felt if I could find the Exotics CBX Forged, I'd buy them...
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    The Exotics blade looks great. But I'm dying to see that Cncpt (the non-tmb one) up close. Is it a 3-d printed back? Or crazy milling?
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  • scottc25scottc25 Members Posts: 635 ✭✭
    So for for the Fujikura Ventus it say's that it is a (very) stiff tip. What would the butt profile be on it?
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    tokeyb wrote:

    The Exotics blade looks great. But I'm dying to see that Cncpt (the non-tmb one) up close. Is it a 3-d printed back? Or crazy milling?

    Whole club is CNC milled. Looks like a 90s supercar in a way. Also costs as much lol
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    Exotics blade is clean. I wish I was a better golfer.

    I have never seriously considered that brand, nor seen it on the shelf many places, but I like the looks of their other irons pictured as well.
  • jayhawks221jayhawks221 Members Posts: 40
    I'm really curious about the EXS driver. If it is good it is great value for good technology.
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    Did David Glod and team have the "hired" girls out with them this year?
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    Would definitely game the tour edge fairway.
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    scottc25 wrote:

    So for for the Fujikura Ventus it say's that it is a (very) stiff tip. What would the butt profile be on it?

    Not sure the official bend profile, but when we tested it at the Demo Day it was a buttery smooth feel throughout the swing and gave a mid-high launch.
  • okie21okie21 Members Posts: 124 ✭✭
    CNCPT 02 looks awesome. Wonder if those will be below $2k? Since apparently expensive irons are all the rage now.
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    Those blades look awesome
  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic Members Posts: 3,126 ✭✭
    Proclubs has a set of the COncept irons on the bay. 2.2k for 5-9 and a raw vokey pw.
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