Do you like red putters? Why is red suddenly popular?



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    I recently bought a red O Works 7S more for the shape and slant neck, but have to admit the red is growing on me. I'm in NE OH, so only carpet putting currently, but don't really even think about the color.

    I will say, I find it easier to aim. I think the entire head stands out more against the beige carpet (not sure how that will translate whenever I get to putt on actual "green" greens though), and the white alignment marks really "pop" against the red backgound.
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    You find it easily on the playing Surface after throwing it away
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    Don't look now but the flavor of the month may be changing TM now has the Copper Scheme, Oh my my my........
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    Almost pulled the trigger before Christmas on a counter-balanced Tank Cruiser 1 Wide. Literally the only thing that stopped me was the Red paint.

    Now at the time I actually don't mind the look of it, I was just worry of how it would age, given a few dings and wear on that red coat.
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    Need4spd wrote:

    They’ve grown on me some. There is definitely something to the contrast that it creates. I’ve rolled both a Red-White Ardmore and a V-Line Fang CH and while both are very similar in design, the Ardmore was still slightly easier to aim. I just HATE the pisspoor quality of the TaylorMade paint jobs. Charging what they do for those putters with such abysmal quality takes some real audacity.

    I wholeheartedly agree. My red spider tour was a great putter; easy to line up and made putts, but the finish of it was atrocious. Paint chipping every time I used it and I baby my putters. From green to headcover, no sand, air dried, etc. Disgusting quality.
  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX Posts: 14,685 ClubWRX
    I like my red one. I don’t have a real specific reason why, but the look is definitely appealing to me.
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    I do like the red.

    But I LOVE the blue.

    Pink is my favorite color but that's another topic entirely.

    Thing is I refuse to pay $200 for a couple of coats of beautiful paint.


    Comparisons are odious.

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