GRGS App or better alternative for lots of stats?

I really want to start tracking all of my stats and scores so I can determine averages and build from that.I'm a low handicap golfer and have lessons weekly now with a new coach who likes to have stats to work with. This is also going hand in hand with a new mental approach i'm trying to take to golf so my stats become some kind of support structure for me and a benchmark to improve from. We conduct all lessons on a GC Quad so certain information isn't as relevant such as tracking shot distances etc is of little concern to me as I have all of those dialled in with a more reliable data point.

I came across GRGS and it's a complete stat monster and looks pretty good, however i'm struggling to find any recent reviews. Search of the forum pulls stuff up from 2-3 years ago.

I'll likely opt for Gold or Platinum to get the most available stat info.

So is anybody using this or have experiences they can compare with other apps that may be more useful?

I don't think I'm too fussed about options such as Game Golf, Arccos Shotscope etc. I'd rather input the information myself so I can log the length of putts to really zone in on the stats.

My only concern really is how anti social logging such stats could be become, I feel this level of information will result on being on my phone for a few seconds after every single shot. Which can be avoided with the devices mentioned above. Maybe at the cost of more in depth stats.


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    Anova golf

    Or Decade
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    YoungJedi wrote:

    Anova golf

    Or Decade

    Just signed up to Anova for a free trial alongside GRGS, i'll see how I get on over the next 30 days and see which i prefer in terms of stats and features.
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