Which launch monitor would be best question

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Looking for one for indoors, room or garage setup, would like to have a driving range simulation and all ball data, club data would be good as well, face to other etc. just wondering which ones will do this and then I’ll figure out if it even makes sense cost wise. Any help is appreciated. Not looking to spend TrackMan money, ha. 4-5k Max is ideal, and not sure what I’m asking for exists price wise.
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    I believe you'll find that the consensus is GC Quad leads the league for indoor/sim use, with all others distant second. Outdoors it all becomes much more debatable, with Trackman regarded as the gold standard. From what I've seen and read anyway.
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    I know of those two, but trying to do it much cheaper hopefully. It may be futile
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    Klay23 wrote:

    I know of those two, but trying to do it much cheaper hopefully. It may be futile

    The only other option then is Skytrak.
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    I don’t think skytrak can do angle of attack...
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    yeah, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's one between skytrak and gc quad.

    Try to look for a second hand foresight unit.
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    If you want club data, the least expensive way to go would be a used Flightscope X2 or Xi Tour which can be found in the $4-6k range. But you need more space than you would for the GCQuad or gc2/HMT or skytrack. About 18' from radar unit placement to screen, 20' would be better.

    For just ball data, a used GC2 would probably be the way to go ($4-5k). And you always have the option to add on an HMT unit for club data at a later time when the budget allows.

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