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Does anyone have info on whether or not having a legacy parent / grandparent helps in the college admissions process? Is there any reason to believe there's a benefit for playing college golf?

There's definitely something more important that I should be doing.


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    I think that depends on the school, how competitive their admissions are, etc. Heard a story from an acquaintance last week about her son, who despite having very good grades and test scores and being “legacy”, was not admitted to GA Tech. I think schools that can pick and choose care very little about where your grandfather attended.

    I have no experience on the sports front, but as a parent I would be very unimpressed if I discovered the coach of the program where I sent my child selected someone based on legacy.
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    Not unless you are a superstar athlete or willing to give a huge endowment (cough cough bribe).
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    If your parent/grandfather is a legacy depends what they did for the school. If you just attended the school I highly doubt they care about that. Unless of course there recruiting your kid they would probably bring it up.

    If you are or your Father is a big donor or very important past tied to the school lets be honest your probably not really worried about college golf because you kids going to get into that school no matter what they do.
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    I don’t think you understand how big of a donor you need to be for this to be relevant. I think if you’ve been a consistent donor and supporter it’s meaningful. To get into the school, yes. And the deviation from normal acceptance standards can’t be too off. For sports, I highly doubt legacy has any real bearing if your kid can’t be a potential playing player.
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    Depends on the school.

    Athletically, don't think it matters much.

    Legacies definitely play a role in admissions among normal students. You really don't have to be a big donor either to get the benefit. It's one of the very first things asked in some of the school supplements of the Common App. I went to an Ivy, and met a lot of legacies, and not all their parents were big donors. At other Ivies I visited where friends went to school, same case. Non-Ivies also have legacy considerations

    Here's something from NPR just two months ago: https://www.npr.org/...ls-like-harvard
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    These schools obviously don't realize that I'm a self made multi-hundredaire.
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    Legacy helps in admissions, but not necessarily in getting on an athletic team UNLESS the parent was a member of the team (numerous examples of this, particularly in individual sports)
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    The way I think about - if there is a "tie" between two students or athletes for that final spot on the roster or admission class - that will go to the legacy student.
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    Most couches keep there job based on performance. So better have something more to offer then just a name
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    Most couches keep there job based on performance.

    No doubt about this...and it's mostly based on comfort.

    I mean...who likes broken down cushions...and springs hitting you in the back?

    Give me cushy and consistent all day...every day.
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