Youtuber Golf Open 2019

Shawn PaulShawn Paul The love you take is equal to the love you makeMembers Posts: 703 ✭✭
This sounds interesting. Finally we can see who is all talk and who has some actual game.

I didn't see any other posts about this, my apologies if I missed something.

Your thoughts?



TAG your fav SOCIAL MEDIA GOLFERS you’d love to see play!


Do you have a LARGE SOCIAL MEDIA following & are interested playing in the CHARITY YOUTUBE GOLF DAY 2019?


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(Course:TBC,🇬🇧 Date:Spring/Summer)
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  • GautamaGautama Members Posts: 783 ✭✭
    Will be interesting to see who plays. I honestly think Crossfield probably has the most complete game. Love him or hate him, the guy's a grinder, but I also doubt he'll do it.
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  • shadymgshadymg Members Posts: 178 ✭✭
    i love love love this idea!!! Monte is on these forums, i hope he plays!!! I'd love to see GG play too if only because his teaching methods me.
  • GHIN n JuiceGHIN n Juice Wingpointe GC...Never Forgotten Members Posts: 1,686 ✭✭
    I saw that and thought it would be a fun event. I also saw a video from someone called Topbloke golfer talking about it. What is his problem with Crossfield? Did Mark screw the guy’s wife or something? Pretty much all of his videos are just 7 minutes bitching about Crossfield.
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  • JonnyKrasnodarJonnyKrasnodar Members Posts: 1,849 ✭✭
    Gautama wrote:

    Will be interesting to see who plays. I honestly think Crossfield probably has the most complete game. Love him or hate him, the guy's a grinder, but I also doubt he'll do it.

    He replied to a tweet about this a few weeks ago saying that he wasn't not doing it because he's better than anyone or awkward but because he's a golf coach, not a YouTuber

    If memory serves he said the reason is in my bio...and the only thing in his bio at the time was golf coach.

    His pedantry really lets him down in my opinion, can't do anything without trying to be clever about it.

    I'm guessing he will announce a similar event of his own through his various sponsors later in the year. Guarantee it.
  • clichecliche Members Posts: 759 ✭✭
    i'll put my money on one of those my and my golf guys (the younger one).
  • MarkFromTheUKMarkFromTheUK Members Posts: 4,639 ✭✭
    Might end up being the most unwatchable YouTube video ever.
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  • FergusonFerguson Members Posts: 4,970 ✭✭
    My man, Fritz Roberts!!
  • Whiskey_fireWhiskey_fire Members Posts: 1,033 ✭✭
    Peter finch for the win
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