Best bang for your buck Latin/South America?

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With all the different economies in Latin/South America and my proximity to them from California, compared to going to Australia or Asian countries for golf, i was wondering what areas of Latin & South America would have the best courses for the best value.

I'm guessing Argentina would be affordable given how weak their currency is, but honestly haven't seen much about travel to there or other non-resort locations.


Sidenote: I travel a lot for work, so I have a fair amount of miles and hotel points, and hate tourist stuff. So traveling for golf gives me something happy to travel for, and my gf gets to do the tourist stuff.


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    Argentina (where I m from) has many many good courses, at very affordable prices.
    In Buenos Aires (capital city) area you can find more than 90 courses. you can pick from classics like Jockey Club (A. MacKenzie) to modern design like Pilara (nicklaus signature course). Most courses are open to public, at least during weekdays. Nordelta, Pilar, Olivos, Martindale, are all courses fun to play with good maintenance, and you ll not pay more than 30usd to play them during the week. The city itself has a lot to do and to see. And food is as good as in anywhere else (steak and wines are top-notch for very affordable prices considering our devaluated currency)
    In Cordoba province (homeland of Pato Cabrera) you can also find a good tracks that are challenging, well-maintained and fun to play (Potrerillo de Larreta, Cordoba Golf, Valle del Golf)
    In Patagonia, in the lakes region you will find a few courses with great views: Chapelco (Nicklaus); el Desafio (G. Norman, 9 holes open and the back nine was in progress, don´t know current status) and Arelauquen. And apart from playing golf you can visit an extremely beautiful place for tourism.
    There are many other courses accross the country. DM if you plan to visit Argentina for golf!

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    The best golf courses between you and South America are in Cabo.

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