Best value Anser style 350g putter head

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As the title says, I’m looking to pick up a 350g anser style head. I would like to keep it relatively cheap, as this is going to be an experimental project for me. I’ve always felt comfortable with a split handed left hand low stroke and think a putter about 45 inches would really feel natural to me.

I would like to keep the head a classic shape/traditional and something that I could add to my collection, which might not actually coincide with the cheap/best value part of my post.

Thinking maybe a Ping Anser Redwood or a Bettinardi BB1 if I could find one cheap.


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    Hard to find without a flange line, but the ones you listed will work if you like the line.
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    Matt J wrote:
    Hard to find without a flange line, but the ones you listed will work if you like the line.

    I am a fan of the flange line. I probably should have mentioned that.
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    The Cleveland Huntington Beach ones are hard to beat value wise
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    fore_life wrote:

    The Cleveland Huntington Beach ones are hard to beat value wise

    Brand New ^^^^^ this

    Used...really depends on your budget. You can really argue value for many different options.
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    fore_life wrote:

    The Cleveland Huntington Beach ones are hard to beat value wise

    Brand New ^^^^^ this

    Used...really depends on your budget. You can really argue value for many different options.

    Ditto. Nothing beats Cleveland putters for value IMO. You can easily find older ones for dirt if you want.

    Do you want an insert? You could always go with a ping sigma anser or Odyssey 1 (although the odysseys usually came at 330-340g and you'd have to go newer for ones that are 350g).
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    Did you really mean 45 inches? If you meant 35 inches take a look at a used Tad Moore. BB1s can be pricey. Tad Moores can be found for about half the price of a BB1 and they are very similar. If you really want a nice putter to keep look for a BB1 M.S., one of the best looking putters ever made.
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    Hands down, Cleveland. Old or new, nothing else is close at that price point.
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    I have four different Huntington Beach models. If you want inexpensive and milled, they can’t be beaten. I had the 3 in the bag today (slant neck blade).
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    I was experimenting with lighter heads and went back to the 350 gram head this week. 4 strips of lead tape on the bottom of an OG Ping DaleHead is a pretty cheap and easy solution.
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    "Cheap" is different for everyone but the Odyssey Protype 2 is a fantastic value IMO. Those heads feel incredible, to me and can be had for a little more than $100 in good shape. Just have to look a little harder for the 350g heads sometimes.
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    I cosign on the huntington beach line of putters.
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    345 gram head, but, for the price (Cleveland Golf - Huntington Beach 2017 Collection putter)

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    I picked up this Yes! putter from Dallas Golf kind of on a lark. DG buys up components and manufactures the clubs themselves, so the head is a brand new Yes! putter but the shaft and grip are just aftermarket things thrown in by DG.

    Anyways, after putting on a new grip, I'm pretty much shocked at how quality this thing feels, especially for the price. I mess around with a ton of putters at the golf store because I'm a degenerate, but I'll be damned if I can tell a difference between the Yes! and, say, an Evnroll. Soft, beautiful 304 stainless steel with a lovely face. Yes, indeed.

    $50, 350 grams, face tech, you can't beat it.
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    Lowest cost? Probably the Cleveland HB already mentioned, just really difficult to match that pricepoint for the criteria you cited.

    I feel that nowadays the term "value" has been conflated with "lowest cost", whereas I think it means getting the most for your dollar with lesser consideration of cost. For example, Kingston offers a custom GSS at a remarkable pricepoint considering what other makers sell that for, however this will likely run you upwards of $400 which is a lot of money for a putter, for most folks.

    Alternatively, from a resale perspective I don't think you can go wrong with an OTR Scotty as they hold value relatively well, and can be had for <$200.
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