Jon Rahm the villain?



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    AppAlum wrote:

    WKYTrooper wrote:

    Okay, some of the villain takes are a little extreme. I don't think he's a bad guy. I don't know him and don't want to judge anyone without meeting them personally that way. Its the way he handles himself that pisses me off more than anything. His demeanor is immature and not professional. The story above about the volunteer is a perfect example. It makes me cheer against him....villain type view.

    Also, my comment about him being overhyped was in reference to how the media was going bonkers in the past about him. Never did I mention him not being an amazing talent. His game is all around unbelievable with his main handicap probably being his attitude.

    Lol, get everybody fired up then walk it back.

    Ummm, Im not walking anything back. I said I don't like the guy and I don't from a golf/entertainment view. I said he pisses me off with his behavior, he does. That's my personal feelings on him based on what i've seen. I did not know if I was alone in these feelings or what. I don't know him personally. He may be cool but I hope he snap hooks every tee shot, three jacks ever green, and loses every single time he tees it up due to his antics. He's my villain. Some people hated Phil because "he was fake" or Tiger because he always won. He's my guy to pull against. He crawls all over me. Lol.

    And yeah, him being overhyped.... Golf channel, NBC, CBS, etc LOOOOVED this guy before he ever won on tour or anything. The next Seve this or Sergio that. They wanted him to be so good for their marketing and THEN he started winning. I never said he was overrated (check back), I said overhyped. Never walked anything back. He'll continue to win as he grows up by right now he's a bad shot away from punching a fan. Ha. Its just my opinion and in the post quoted above, I was in some ways trying to mend some bridges with some sensitive posters on WRX and explain my view.
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    Don't really care for Rahm, same as I don't really care for Reed. But I'd rather watch those guys than a robot like Patrick Cantlay, I'll say that!
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    At this point he’s doing it for attention.
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    At this point he's doing it for attention.

    You've got to think his agent cringes every time he does something. He def will now with all the sergio stuff
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    I like to see some emotion on the course but ibdont like to see spoiled kids pout...some of these guys need to grow up.
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    There’s something about quite a few Spanish golfers that I just cannot warm to. Surely it’s no coincidence that Seve, Garcia & Rahm play(ed) golf with massive chips on their shoulders. I think they underservedly get a free pass from a lot of people, when their behaviour at times is nothing short of embarrassing and petulant. Commentators excuse their obnoxiousness and call it “passion”.

    I completely agree, but I hope you don't get banned. To that end:

    For the record, I think Rahm is very talented, and is just displaying his passion for the game when he is more demonstrative on the course. These guys are playing for dollars, and I think all of the fire the players from the European continent consistently show is 100% justified.
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    Hes still young. I think he mellows out with age. In 5 to 10 years i think he will have won numerous times including a major or two. I think he is great for European golf and Ryder Cup is made for him.
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