Stan Lee Custom Putter Ideas

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I know some people won't like the concept but that's fine, I'm after any input to open my eyes to creative ideas to incorporate into a custom refurb.

This is for somebody else as a surprise as they're golf and Marvel fanatics.

The only parameters to note so far are the following:

It will be a Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1 which will have a fresh high polish black oxide finish to the head.

Putter to refresh mind-set of anyone unfamiliar:

'Stan Lee 1922-2018' OR 'Excelsior! 1922-2018' will be stamped into the toe side of the face.

Other than this I have my own ideas with colour and themes etc. however I don't want to steer the ideas that are fedback to me.

I have quite a lot of ideas however I'm worried it could quickly become 'too busy' which may result in a garish finish.

So really the following will be colour / theme to touch on Marvel/ Stan Lee.

Grip (Will be Matador but any available colour is an option)

Text and Stamp Infill (Numerous available combo's as text to bottom, front and back of putter)

Any Additional Stamps (May be hard to incorporate however without ruining the simplicity of the putter)

Shaft Colour (Can't say I'm keen on this, besides black or chrome.. i feel any colour could make it look tacky quick.

It doesn't necessarily have to stand out, it could be done in a subtle manor but I'm open to wacky ideas!!

Please chuck in your ideas, even if there out there it could open a different view.


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    Maybe try to reach out to

    Not sure if they still do putters, but worth a try

    They can do some pretty awesome stuff

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    Open a different view?

    I can try.

    To me, this putter #1 is about what's in your heart. Not mine, not hers or hers either.

    If you are in any way wondering how you are going to make something golf appropriate for yourself? Then I'd imagine some of Stan's famous sayings might make a great stamping on a putter


    S'nuff said

    With great power comes great responsibility. (Stan didn't coin it but certainly popularized it)

    IMHO those are also putting green and golf appropriate as they can apply to what's happening on the green as well.

    Personally I don't think you ought to be put off at all at what others may think. You are celebrating and remembering a man who changed almost all of our lives and we're not.

    You are doing the "cool" thing and we're the shepple not willing to go there.

    Let your imagination run wild and follow your heart. You won't regret it.


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