ASK QUESTIONS NOW: Srixon Z STAR and Z STAR XV Live Q&A! Friday, February 8th 12PM ET / 9AM PT!

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Srixon has updated the Z STAR and Z STAR XV balls for 2019 and are ready to answer your questions! Join us on Friday, February 8th (12 PM ET/9 AM PST) for a LIVE R&D Chat with Srixon's product experts on all things new Z STAR. They'll cover the features of the Z STAR line as well as changes to the new ball from last generation along with a whole lot more.

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Who's on the Srixon Panel:
  • Jeff Brunski
  • Brian Schielke
  • Zack Oakley

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Friday, February 8th, 12 PM ET/9 AM PT


Thank you to everyone who participated in the chat! The winners of the Srixon golf balls are...






Thank you to Srixon for taking the time to answer all our questions!
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  • Puttersaurus RexPuttersaurus Rex one swing at a time Members Posts: 545 ✭✭
    What are the spin characteristics of the new line vs. the previous version? For example the new Z star spins ______ than the old one for driver.

    I love how Srixon's play in the wind. Thank you!
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  • endyendy Members Posts: 3,253 ✭✭
    Were you able to retain the durability of the XV while making it softer feeling and lower compression?
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  • bu11dogbu11dog Members Posts: 1,423 ✭✭
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    How do you keep making golf balls that defy the wind? The best wind ball I've ever played.

    Is this version going to sound a little softer off the putter?

    You guys going to run the 6 ball packs again for $10? What if we say pretty please? image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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  • MnaletteMnalette Members Posts: 125 ✭✭
    Why is the Srixon Z and/or XV the right ball for a mid handicapper like me?
  • chillsterchillster Members Posts: 13
    I currently play the Zstar XV and love it’s all round performance. From what I understand the compression on the 2019 Z Star XV has been lowered. Does lowering the compression have any impact on its spin, launch angle, or distance characteristics?

  • DBillDBill Members Posts: 1,123 ✭✭
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    Long time user of the Z Star XV. 2 part question here.

    How do you continue to push out a great product at a price point cheaper than other large competitors? With that, thank you so much for keeping them at $39.99 a dozen here in the US!

    With the addition of many direct to consumer balls to the market, where do you see the ball market going in the future?
  • rbj69rbj69 Members Posts: 713 ✭✭
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    I'm wondering why the xv is supposed to have a higher ball flight than the standard ZSTAR ? the older models were opposite right?
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  • Damenace613Damenace613 Sunny San DiegoClubWRX Posts: 628 ClubWRX
    How has the performance packs helped the brand and recognition? It seems to be a great marketing tool to allow consumers to try out a ball such as the Z Star or Z Star XV.
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  • OaksOaks Member of #TeamJetSpeed Ocean StateClubWRX Posts: 2,399 ClubWRX
    Besides Spin Numbers do the balls launch differently and in testing are there additional gains in distance over the prior generation?
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  • HernascoHernasco Members Posts: 103 ✭✭
    I don't quite understand why golf governing bodies allow so much leeway in golf ball performance manufacturing characteristics. In baseball, football, tennis, etc. every player is playing with a ball with same characteristics, but in golf matches players use all sorts of golf balls with different characteristics like 2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece, low spin, high spin, soft, hard cover etc. Thoughts? Thanks.
  • Go_Blue!Go_Blue! HAIL! Members Posts: 1,549 ✭✭
    Can you guys break down how the balls would presumably differ for swing ranges. For example, would someone with 105+ lose anything playing the Z vs XV. At what point does a player lose the benefits of a ball based on swing speed?
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  • BearQBearQ Members Posts: 3,510 ✭✭
    What is a common theme you hear from pleased tour or college players about the ball performance. Amongst the Srixon sponsored players in my area they all rave about the wind play and general flight.
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  • Bunker2Bunker0noBunker2Bunker0no Members Posts: 239 ✭✭
    We know with the advances of launch data how spin rates can affect distance and the roles that balls can play on those numbers. But for those of us that "fight" hooks/slices, can the spin characteristics of the ball also help lessen the side spin curve? If so, which new model will help more in this? Thanks for your time and great products.
  • GolfGrouchGolfGrouch Members Posts: 462 ✭✭
    How is SeRM (Slide Ring Material) different from conventional urethane?
    Your "GolfWRX Likes" are greatly appreciated!
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  • kiw1982kiw1982 Members Posts: 1,209 ✭✭
    why should I buy your ball over the others?

    What is your most confident value of your ball?

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  • shintonshinton Members Posts: 33 ✭✭
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    I'm a big fan of the Z Star and XV, I only have 1 issue with last years Z Star line of balls. I get maybe 6 or 7 holes out of them before the seam on the cover starts to reveal itself. I've brought this up to customer service and they've told me that they have had similar complaints and assure me that the performance will not be hindered. Though it is really bothersome to me to look down and see what looks like a crack in the cover at times and be confident that its going to perform. My question is have you addressed this with the 2019 version and if so what have you done differently to make these more durable? see below for a few quick pics i took last year.

  • slededsleded Members Posts: 282 ✭✭
    How much of a difference is there in the softness of the cover of the new ball with SeRM vs. the previous versions is there, if there is any? Are the covers on the XV and the Z Star the same?
  • Marks23Marks23 Members Posts: 1,255 ✭✭
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    Are these new balls rated for a player based on driver swing speed? Which model would you recommend for swingspeed around 95 mph player looking for more distance with the driver?
  • DeacLaw05DeacLaw05 Members Posts: 366 ✭✭
    I have played a version of the Z-Star since 2015. I found that I preferred the Z-Star in that iteration, but moved to the Z-Star XV with the 2017 version. I have really liked the feel of the XV off the face, particularly with driver, woods, and hybrids. It is great in the wind, and the overall durability is fantastic. I always switch to a yellow ball for the winter months, and was only able to find Z-Stars this year. Now I have found that I have appreciated the wedge spin and the softer feel i get off of a milled putter face with the Z-Star. I believe I read that the difference in compression between the new versions has been narrowed (slightly firmer for the Z-Star and slightly softer for the XV). What performance changes are most noticeable with the updates? Help me decide which version to play!
  • youngunz5840youngunz5840 Members Posts: 2,341 ✭✭
    What role does the putter play in designing a new ball? Most mention distance and spin but the putter performance can make a big impact
  • chiefyarbschiefyarbs Members Posts: 44 ✭✭
    Of course we'd love to hear the specific performance improvements or changes between the 2019 and old models. I'm curious also as to who you view each ball would be for in terms of swing speed, performance, launch, and other factors whether performance or feel based? And as much as we want to talk about the upsides always, it be great to hear the trade-offs/downsides between one ball and the other, like what or how much am I giving up for some other aspect of performance?

    Personally I've been mostly gaming the Z-Star the last few years due to the amazing green side spin/control. However I've been testing the XV and TP5/TP5x lines to get a bit more launch/height off full shots. Will be interested to see where I end up between the 4 (though I've still got like 4 boxes of the old Z-Stars that I need to go through regardless).
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  • getair23getair23 Members Posts: 2,015 ✭✭
    How do the guys on tour view the updated ball? How quickly did they switch, if they did?

    Thank you,
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  • azkaevolutionazkaevolution Members Posts: 764 ✭✭
    Have there been any changes to the dimples to affect the flight characteristics?
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  • dave williedave willie Members Posts: 804 ✭✭
    edited Feb 7, 2019 2:49pm #25
    I am curious about the construction of the Z-Star, i.e. one piece core with a urethane cover. Most premium balls have multiple inner layers. How does the solid core give it spin around the green while still achieving good distance off the tee?

    I have been using this ball since the first version was introduced, and prefer the softer feel compared to the XV. The Z-Star feels similar to a ProV1, but why does the seemingly simpler construction compared to the ProV1 give similar results and better (for me) scoring?
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  • ThunderBuzzworthThunderBuzzworth Hulk... Smash!! Members Posts: 2,568 ✭✭
    I am a long time loyalist of the Z Star XV yellow and I am excited and nervous about this new version. In my opinion the 2017 XV was a perfect ball for my high speed game so if this ball is improved I cannot wait to try it.

    Has spin skin been affected at all? In version previous to 2017 version, I always noticed that your ball seems to “slide” up the face of my scoring clubs. The 2017 version really dialed in the cover to be able to produce the low flighted, high spinning wedge shots. Is SeRM going to be even better? Am I going to want to trade my 2017’s in for the 2019?

    Does the new design featuring a seamless cover?

    Thanks guys, best ball on the market at the best price on the market, I don’t understand how anyone can argue ZStar line is not the absolute best value in premium golf balls. I’m trying to get people to make the switch on a daily basis
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  • Digger818Digger818 ClubWRX Posts: 69 ClubWRX
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  • 2012BFT2012BFT Members Posts: 537 ✭✭
    Hi, Srixon Team! I am long time Z-Star fan... (especially since my initials are "ZZ") but I would like to know more about what your team is most proud of with this new generation of the line. What is the biggest breakthrough or engineering feat that the team was able to accomplish that translated to enhanced performance?

    Additionally, what does your tour seeding process look like? Do you get many requests from non Srixon Staffers that want to "shop out" the ball?

    Thanks for your time and I really look forward to trying out the new line.

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  • jcorna01jcorna01 Members Posts: 633 ✭✭
    How many of your tour staff are playing the regular Z-star vs the XV? What is the reason they prefer the standard Z Star?
  • Cleveland_GolfCleveland_Golf Sponsors Posts: 148
    bu11dog wrote:

    How do you keep making golf balls that defy the wind? The best wind ball I've ever played.

    Is this version going to sound a little softer off the putter?

    You guys going to run the 6 ball packs again for $10? What if we say pretty please? image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    [background=transparent]We’re dedicated to golf ball design. Ball innovation is what drives us every day, and we strive to make the top performing, highest quality balls in golf. Dimple design and testing is very rigorous and takes massive computing power and simulation, which we’ve been doing for years (think AI…). Plus it’s very difficult and expensive to actually prototype dimple patterns to test. We have proprietary equipment and processes that allow us to test many different versions and we’re continually doing so. Having this focus for so many years has lead to a dimple pattern that really works exceptionally in the wind, but even in still conditions. [/background]
  • Cleveland_GolfCleveland_Golf Sponsors Posts: 148
    Mnalette wrote:

    Why is the Srixon Z and/or XV the right ball for a mid handicapper like me?

    [background=transparent]I’d recommend testing both, but likely the Z-STAR will be best. The Z-STAR launches a little higher off the tee and mid/long irons, which is helpful for a lot of mid handicap golfers.[/background]
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