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Driver & 3 wood shafts - Fujikura, Project X, Mitsubishi

mws92mws92 Advanced Members Posts: 990 ✭✭
Looking for some driver and 3 wood shafts to try (trying to get launch up a bit without increasing spin too much - have a pretty quick transition with 114 - 118 mph CHS). Driver 44.75" or longer & 3 wood 42.75" or longer all in X-Flex. Would prefer with PING 5 lobe sleeve (G30/G/G400) or no sleeve. Let me know tipping, etc.

  • Motore Speeder VC 6.2X TS, 7.3X TS
  • Pro 73X TS, Pro 2.0 7X TS
  • Atmos Blue TS 7X
  • HZRDUS Black 75 6.5 (doesn't have to be handcrafted)
  • Diamana DF 70 TX

  • Motore Speeder VC 8.3X TS
  • Pro 83X TS
  • Atmos Blue or Red TS 8X
  • Diamana DF 80 TX
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