Corded super strike putter grip feedback?

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Has anyone used one, and if so, which model and what are your thoughts? Looking at maybe the pistol GT and have traditionally used cord. Haven’t seen much feedback on people using them now that they are a little more easily accessible.



  • EgobblewobbleEgobblewobble Members Posts: 310 ✭✭✭✭
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    I bought one and put it on a putter I ended up selling so only used it a few times. It definitely feels different and I’m not sure why but they are much lighter. I have the 1.0 GT and without the weight it only weighed around 36g which I thought was very odd. The traction is nice but I am not a fan of superstrokes overall because i feel it limits me from being able to close the face so under pressure I push everything. But comparing to the original SS it’s not very tacky at all but seemed to retain its grip when wet
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