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2019 Pro V1/V1X

BogeyB54BogeyB54 Members Posts: 65
Played a round with them today. Noticed that the wedges seemed to be scuffing them pretty good. Anybody else notice this or I’m just so strong I’m knocking the cover off it 😅😅 ( please note this is sarcasm at its finest ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻)


  • TechnoguruTechnoguru Members Posts: 100 ✭✭
    Noticed the same thing. Cut a ball yesterday like a balata.
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  • parmachineparmachine Members Posts: 16
    not durable at all...
  • SimpSimp Advanced Members Posts: 2,903
    I haven't had that experience at all.
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  • sampga1976sampga1976 PGA Professional Advanced Members Posts: 600 ✭✭
    New wedges?

    I've played the new Pro V1 since I got the "test" balls and haven't had any issues. The new Pro V1/V1X are supposed to be the same flight/spin characteristics, just faster cores for more speed off the driver.
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  • Weston11Weston11 Advanced Members Posts: 166 ✭✭
    I played with the 2019 Pro V1 yesterday -- no durability issues using the same ball for the whole round. It could just be because I played well yesterday, but I loved the new version. To me it just spun slightly less and flew a little longer than the 2017 version.
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  • dhuth_sedi4dhuth_sedi4 Advanced Members Posts: 181
    I'm writing this on behalf of my son:

    I have been playing a 2019 v1 for the last few rounds. Ball made it through 18 holes no problem. Once it does start to tear up, it's flight is significantly different. Never liked the feel of the X and needed a little more distance last year, so I have played the AVX until now. I am getting great distance and rollout and the ball seems to be flying longer on long irons/hybrids/woods so it is not difficult to switch from the AVX to the new products V1. Also, seemed to cut through the wind pretty well.
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  • BogeyB54BogeyB54 Members Posts: 65
    edited February 12
    sampga1976 wrote:

    New wedges?

    I've played the new Pro V1 since I got the "test" balls and haven't had any issues. The new Pro V1/V1X are supposed to be the same flight/spin characteristics, just faster cores for more speed off the driver.

    No new wedges. Just noticed was scuffing pretty easlily. Never had the problem with the previous model or any other tour ball hitting same wedges. Could have just been a bad sleeve
  • jwb10jwb10 Major Winner Advanced Members Posts: 880 ✭✭
  • GolfingDad44GolfingDad44 Advanced Members Posts: 89
    Not noticing that here!

    I'm thinking they are longer but it's tough to tell in NJ until April/May
  • scott_Donaldscott_Donald Advanced Members Posts: 2,220 ✭✭
    Well I played yesterday with 2019 V1, playing very well then hit a nice long but slightly pulled drive, it landed on the cart path at about 320 carry and decided to take off about another 40 yards on the first bounce! needless to say it didn't survive the cart path. I used it off the next tee and shanked a 2 iron and lost it.

    But back to first impressions, great ball, been using the TP5X 2018 for the last 3 rounds and used the 2019 Pro V! yesterday, it was a windy day here in Houston about 20mph and cold at 65*, ball flew very well and I did not notice much difference off the driver compared to the TP5X, irons they seem very similar but the ProV is certainly 5% lower.chipping I was poor yesterday so could not really tell but for me both roll out when needed and stop when needed.

    Certainly narrowed my ball for the year down to 2019 Pro V1 and the newer TP5s which I want to try this week.
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  • Invisible-zInvisible-z Advanced Members Posts: 91 ✭✭
    why do new balls scuff so easily now?

    I use bridgestones and they seem to hold up better
  • noodle3872noodle3872 Chilliwack B.C. CanadaAdvanced Members Posts: 2,560 ✭✭

    why do new balls scuff so easily now?

    I use bridgestones and they seem to hold up better

    Softer and thinner covers to keep spin up are needed since the mantle layers got firmer for more ball speed.
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  • ChrisLC40ChrisLC40 Rochester, NYMembers Posts: 47 ✭✭
    I tried out the new V1X yesterday, using GC2, with a number of full swings on new wedges and didn't notice any scuffing. I'm sure that will change though once I bounce it off a cart path.
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