The Wilson 8802 Ben Crenshaw Commemorative Putter

I’ve been looking for info on this putter for quite a few years and figured I would try here again.

It has a leather wrap grip. Quarter Face. The ‘h’ in The is stamped differently than any of my other 8802 putters. (I have a ‘64, Black Chrome, 2 different Black Painted, milled and a 90s version).

There was a gentleman that had uploaded an 8802 ID guide on Puttertalk. We had some PMs about this putter. He thought that it may have aftermarket engraving, mainly due to the no trademark on the Augusta national golf club logo. He may be correct, my only reason to think that it came like this from Wilson is the grip. I didn’t think they did a lot of real leather grips at this time.

Thanks in advance.


  • ManBearPig98ManBearPig98 Posts: 397 ✭✭
    I might have stumbled upon a little more info through eBay. There is a Jack Daniels engraved 8813 for sale. It has the same problem end cap and a leather grip. I asked the seller and he said that a friend of his had received it as an appearance gift for a LPGA pro/am in the 90s.

    Now another question i have is: Did Augusta national do any sort of event where this would have been handed out?

    Here are pics of the 8813:

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