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Vokey SM7 Wedge Grinds

blue2215blue2215 Members Posts: 2
Looking into getting new Vokey SM7 wedges but I am struggling to choose the grinds.

Going for a 52-56-60 setup but debating what grinds to get for 56 and 60. I have neutral swing - not really a digger or sweeper. I like to have a lot of versatility around the greens, and manipulate the club face. Was looking into the V grind on wedgeworks for the 56 or 60, as well as the M grind. Was curious if anyone has had experience with the V or suggestions on what to do for the 56 and 60.



  • sampga1976sampga1976 PGA Professional Advanced Members Posts: 599 ✭✭
    Use the VOKEY WEDGE SELECTOR TOOL it's pretty darn accurate especially if you can't do a proper fitting outside. The stock grind offerings are more than appropriate for almost all condition and techniques. The only players I've seen use V or low K's are the players that have actually been fit for them. Remember that bounce is always your friend on full and 3/4 swing shots. When getting in close the green, bunker shot technique, and manipulating the face angle the S, M, and D work well.
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