Sigma 2 Tyne vs TM Spider X vs SC Phantom X5

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Hi all, as the title suggests I'm looking for a new putter this season. Been struggling with a SC Notchback 2016 for a while now and thinking of switching to a mallet to ease those putting woes. I have narrowed down to these 3 choices based on shape and shaft bends I prefer. Hope you guys who had the chance to try all three to give me some advice! Which have you rolled and which will you get?


  • JokerK3nJokerK3n Members Posts: 4

    For those who are struggling to make a decision, I went with Taylormade Spider X and absolutely loved it! Shaved an average of 5 strokes a game!
    I tried the Ping Sigma 2 and felt it was way too soft, causing problems in distance control.
    Let me know if you need an extensive review. Cheers!

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