Excuses Opponents Give for Losing to You



  • ChrismydawgChrismydawg JLo Members Posts: 395 ✭✭
    I remember in HS the guy I was playing say “this is the worst I’ve ever played”. I’ve heard it a bunch since too. I was so fortunate to get all those guys on their worst day.
  • marmooskapaulmarmooskapaul Posts: 1,341 ✭✭
    Your a very disturbing person..I don't really feel comfortable or safe playing with you???
  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,384 ClubWRX
    Hangover, no range time, swing change. I used "different driver," but it was true!
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  • golfandfishinggolfandfishing Members Posts: 3,395 ✭✭
    “I didn’t think the fat guy with 5 beers in his pockets, no driver and a 30 year old putter was going to be much of a game.”
  • augustgolfaugustgolf Golf with dignity Coastal NCMembers Posts: 3,891 ✭✭

    "I didn't think the fat guy with 5 beers in his pockets, no driver and a 30 year old putter was going to be much of a game."

    I never knew we played together
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  • davep043davep043 Members Posts: 3,018 ✭✭

    excuses are hilarious. And all you folks out there that hear these excuses after a win or casual round, if you don't call out these players for their excuses, you are a coward image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> Let em have it. Call them on their BS. It's great fun. Never let an excuse go unpunished image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Why would I "call him out"? I want him to think it was something else, I want him to think he "could have" beat me if (...whatever excuse he uses...) didn't happen, I want him to want another crack at me, so I can beat him again. I don't want him to realize that he actually has to improve to be able to beat me, that would be counterproductive. Calling him out makes just as much sense as calling out a vanity handicapper.
  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX Posts: 14,618 ClubWRX
    augustgolf wrote:

    "I didn't think the fat guy with 5 beers in his pockets, no driver and a 30 year old putter was going to be much of a game."

    I never knew we played together

    Me too.......except the part about him not having much of a game was a correct assumption in my case!
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  • NPVWhizNPVWhiz Members Posts: 1,976 ✭✭
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    I had a guy tell me once that it must have been divine punishment for something, because no way I beat him other than that. I witnessed a miracle. So I’ve got that goin’ for me.
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  • I'm intimidated by the armadillo in your trousers
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  • mizuno playermizuno player Mizuno player Members Posts: 1,302 ✭✭
    I've heard a few.

    I don't play as much as in used to.

    Wow. You've Never pitted that well before. Lucky win.

    If I hit it as long as you I would never lose and I'd be a +4.

    ( Heard that one so much. I finally started. You don't, you can't and you aren't. )

    Can't play this early.

  • pat_katopat_kato ClubWRX Posts: 79 ClubWRX
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    My friend that got me into golf, who's a mid to high handicapper, used to play with me and beat me every time. Never heard any of the complaints that ail him ever since I took lessons and started to beat him.

    "My back"

    "My knee"

    "It's too early and I'm not used to playing at this time"

    ...I can go on. Now he doesn't play with me anymore. Now I hear every excuse why he can't.

    "It's too late"

    "It's too cold"

    "It's too hot"

    "It's too windy (5mph wind)"

    "It's too damp"

    "I don't like that course"
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  • BarfolomewBarfolomew #worstWRXer Members Posts: 1,216 ✭✭
    ...Im too drunk

    ...Im old

    ...Im tired

    I respond eloquently "quit your bitchin you always cry when you lose, have some dignity have some respect already!!"
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  • FergusonFerguson Executive Member VAMembers Posts: 4,449 ✭✭
    It hurts to use the toilet.
  • Jwin323Jwin323 Members Posts: 1,423 ✭✭
    Jacob37 wrote:

    Ryan3773 wrote:

    “Saw a water cooler in the background during my drive”

    😂😂😂 i like the “in my backswing” excuses

    The wind blew my club off plane at the top

    I aimed at a cloud and it moved
  • mizuno playermizuno player Mizuno player Members Posts: 1,302 ✭✭
    Ferguson wrote:

    It hurts to use the toilet.

    Hate when that happens.
  • MattM97MattM97 Members Posts: 218 ✭✭
    Usually my friends excuse: "I was good until the 9th and got too drunk".

    Random I played with once who said he was competitive: "I'm not use to playing with you it threw me off." Yeah ok that was it not the 3 putts you constantly putting up.
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  • Ryan3773Ryan3773 Posts: 202 ✭✭
    Dew on the grass is making it harder to hit shots
  • TocgolferTocgolfer Members Posts: 11
    The early morning sun kept getting in my eyes
  • RainShadowRainShadow Tucson AZ (for now)Members Posts: 3,613 ✭✭
    I used to play with a guy who would hit the bushes about the 8th hole for a couple of tokes, and then his game would fall apart after playing well up to that point.

    His excuse " I just couldn't keep it going" or " my eyes were really watering from allergies"

    I'm thinking "sure it wasnt the pakalolo ?"
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  • BB28403BB28403 Members Posts: 3,144 ✭✭
    My wrist broke on that last swing.

    Take the Loss like a man Dorothy!
  • OufcfanOufcfan Banbury, Oxfordshire , EnglandMembers Posts: 41 ✭✭
    I gave it my best shot, but you just played better than me today.

    Joking, obviously nobody ever says that
  • JedaigekiJedaigeki Members Posts: 264 ✭✭
    I generally play with the same large group of guys so there aren't to many excuses thrown around by the losers but the winners get complete entitlement to give **** as much as they wish for the remainder of the day. With whatsapp and social media that means that just leaving the courses doesn't get you away from the smack talk either.
  • Ferguson said:
    Bensdad wrote:

    Ferguson wrote:

    Endless -

    Stomach cramps.

    Having marital problems.

    Back started to tighten up.

    The neighbor kids kept him up all night with their punk rock music.

    Made a slight change to the back swing.

    Facing personal struggles.

    Course was too damp.

    Cut his toe nails too short.

    Got some bad news about his brother last night.

    Currently managing internal strife.

    Moved the ball position.



    Really? Cut his toenails too short? That one may be the winner for me.

    Yep. He claimed two of them were ingrown.
    As a guy who has perpetually ingrown nails, there’s no pain in any nails until they’re yellow and time to pop ! Very much an invalid excuse!
  • MychMych Members Posts: 1,782 ✭✭

    I'm a decently long hitter compared to normal middle age mid-caps, so I usually hear stuff like "must be nice to hit it so far", implying that I'm overpowering the course and don't have any short game to go with it. It's a backhanded compliment that I've heard way too often.

    "Of all the hazards, fear is the worst" - Sam Snead
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  • toominatortoominator SeanThornton Members Posts: 4

    Had a guy tell me once he couldn't swing like he wanted because he was suffering from priapism. I had no idea what he was talking about and had to look it up later. I laughed for 4 hours. So many ways to go with that.

  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-MarylandMembers Posts: 1,588 ✭✭

    I'll have to remember these. I'm usually the guy making excuses.

  • mukstermukster Is this the year? North of the 49thMembers Posts: 3,477 ✭✭

    My opponent told someone this: " Can't believe I lost to him. Have you seen his swing? No one should watch that. I should not have watched him, threw me off completely. Next time I just won't watch him."

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  • 3jacker3jacker Members Posts: 997 ✭✭

    Sounds like Hogan talking about Arnie.
    Happens at all levels.

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  • RichieHuntRichieHunt Members Posts: 3,610 ✭✭

    In college, we had a kid that had some success in AJGA events, but wasn't offered a scholarship. He was talking a lot of trash about how he should be on the team and he could beat any of us. So, they have walk-on tryouts at an easy course and he shoots 83 the first day and misses the cut for the 2nd day.

    His claim was to the effect 'If you took out all of those O.B and water balls I hit, I would have shot 69'

    Yeah, we're just supposed to discount those.


  • gioguy21gioguy21 NJMembers Posts: 7,118 ✭✭

    "my phone keeps going off in my pocket -- my wifes having our daughter..."

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