Bridgestone Tour B X-BL Combo Irons JDM, In hand Photos

easyyyeasyyy Founder & Still a HoDetroitRules Official, Administrator Posts: 12,278 admin
These just came in from Japan. I ordered then through Tour Spec Golf. Ahhh.... where is a course. These things look so good I can't wait to hit them. Smaller heel to toe than they look in the pics. Sole width is are generous for a players forging and the grind looks awesome. Approx same chassis size as the Srixon Z 785 irons.

That meat behind the sweet spot has to feel good. Chrome finish with a real quality satin face is quality. Wish they released these outside Japan. I was late to order them so all I could get was in NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120. 37.75" 5 iron so 1/4" shorter. Nice.



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    Those do not suck.
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    Those are beautiful looking irons. Bridgestone makes great feeling irons and I'm sure these will not disappoint. GL
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    Any trades? Lol
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    Very nice looking, congrats! i saw alot of nice bridgestone clubs and gear a few weeks ago in Japan and it was difficult to walk away without buying anything, lol.
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  • Strange89Strange89 Members Posts: 105
    Are the soles similar in width to the J15 cb?
  • BCULAWBCULAW Orlando, FLMembers Posts: 3,643 ✭✭
    Those are lovely. Not sure why Bstone wouldn't send them to the US, but I'd be interested if they did.
  • easyyyeasyyy Founder & Still a Ho DetroitRules Official, Administrator Posts: 12,278 admin
    Strange89 wrote:

    Are the soles similar in width to the J15 cb?

    I just looked at them again. Darn close IMOGO.
  • kjruleskjrules Members Posts: 122 ✭✭
    That must be the best looking irons ever in chrome!
  • mrmikeacmrmikeac Members Posts: 365 ✭✭
    Bridgestone forgings are just pure class! (insert WiCkEd B*NeR emoji)
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    Want these. Need these. ****
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  • cmgolfcmgolf Members Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Super irons.

    I’d love to get the cb. Afraid that these blades aren’t forgiving enough for my game
  • YacuoneYacuone Members Posts: 49 ✭✭
    Gorgeous. Only thing I'd complain about is how they have to put the word 'forged' in there.
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  • youngwaldoyoungwaldo NJMembers Posts: 3,204 ✭✭
    The first thought that came into my mind was Tour Stage. Beautiful.

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  • easyyyeasyyy Founder & Still a Ho DetroitRules Official, Administrator Posts: 12,278 admin
    I like the fact they are chrome, great size and shape, don’t have thin soles, minimal offset, good med topline and lastly they are hard to get so they stand out. Like an Audi or Alfa Romero. Unique.

    Few on eBay right now.
  • mtex22mtex22 ClubWRX Posts: 2,160 ClubWRX
    Thanks for the pics Easyyy! Any close ups of the X-CB’s?
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  • Timbo929Timbo929 Members Posts: 399 ✭✭

    Those look soo beautiful... 100% class.
  • andrieddleandrieddle Members Posts: 1,798 ✭✭
    Slight difference with the regular x-BL or X-CB but gorgeous altogether
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  • tbowles411tbowles411 ClubWRX Posts: 25,061 ✭✭
    Those look really nice. Very nice.
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  • buntabunta Members Posts: 543 ✭✭
    i thought these belonged to Clark Kent for a second there..
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  • anthanth From the Land Down Under Members Posts: 2,763 ✭✭
    They look really nice. Personally I’d like a smidge more offset but I can see how these would appeal to others.
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  • easyyyeasyyy Founder & Still a Ho DetroitRules Official, Administrator Posts: 12,278 admin
    mtex22 wrote:

    Thanks for the pics Easyyy! Any close ups of the X-CB's?

    I didn't get the X-cb's. They look bigger than the J33 cb's Very wide soles and I didn't care for the looks when I saw the actual (non marketing) photos of the read heads.

    X-CB irons

  • Albatross85Albatross85 Tiger is the GOAT St. Louis, MOMembers Posts: 2,832 ✭✭
    Those are absolutely filthy! WOW
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  • ignitewvuignitewvu Members Posts: 2,040 ✭✭
    Strange89 wrote:

    Are the soles similar in width to the J15 cb?

    No, the J15CB sole is def larger.

    Those to me look more the size & grind of the old J33 Combo's and or the J15MB's I have hanging on a rack.
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  • PALS-SSAPALS-SSA Members Posts: 279 ✭✭
    Love to see these in black. Bridgestone really does great forged irons.
  • VNutzVNutz Members Posts: 6,046 ✭✭
    These are gorgeous. Would love to see one next to a ball to get an idea of size.
  • ace036ace036 Members Posts: 1,991 ✭✭
    Can anyone comment on the overall head size of the NEW 2019 X-CB and the XB-L versus the 2018 X-CB?
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  • wam78wam78 Members Posts: 284 ✭✭
    Absolutely beautiful! One of my favorite shapes. Love that they are bringing some of the Tourstage designs to the market.
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  • easyyyeasyyy Founder & Still a Ho DetroitRules Official, Administrator Posts: 12,278 admin
    VNutz wrote:

    These are gorgeous. Would love to see one next to a ball to get an idea of size.

    I will get a shot tomorrow. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • cmgolfcmgolf Members Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Watched the LPGA last night and Jin Young Ko has the new Tour B CB in the bag but the driver is an Epic flash.
  • breakfree40breakfree40 ClubWRX Posts: 690 ClubWRX
    Those are phenomenal.

    IMO the prior years x-cb look way better than the new x-cbs.

    Also IMO the x-cbs are every bit as forgiving as the j15s. They just don’t feels as pure across the entire face. The ball still does about what it does when you off-strike a j15 though. The benefit of the x-cb is the feel off the pure shots is > j15. The benefit of the j15 (if you see it that way) is better feel on slight miss hits.
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