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New member WITB

Hello everyone,

I found WRX about a year ago and I've really enjoyed the forums, so I figured I would get my bag together for 2019 and make an account. I've played most of my life and I worked in golf retail while I was in school. I moved from Michigan to D.C. about two years ago and didn't have room for my clubs originally, so I didn't play much for about a years and a half. I finally got my clubs down here last summer, so I'm slowly getting back into things.

Callaway GBB Epic 9* Aldila Synergy 50s

Taylormade M4 Tour 3 Wood 15* Tensei Blue 65s

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons 3-PW Dynamic Gold AMT S300

Wilson PMP Wedges 50.08 Tour Frosted + 56.14 Raw + 60.08 Oil Can

Bettinardi BB1 Putter

Looking forward to talking golf with some other gear junkies.

Question for the forum: Is the combo of the red Nike bag and green headcovers a visual war crime?


  • BIG STUBIG STU Advanced Members Posts: 11,054 ✭✭
    Nice gear--- ON the headcover thing you are asking the wrong guy here because I mis match them all the time--- With your selections I would say you are thinking outside the box which IMHO is a good thing--- But it does show you know your game and what works for it
    Driver: Homna G1-X Homna stock Regular shaft
    FW Adams Tight Lies 16* Diamana Reg
    Irons 3 thru 9 KZG Kyoei Forged CB 1st generation Swing Science 400 Graphite Senior flex
    PW Cleveland Special 588 45* bent to 47* Stock Cleveland Steel Shaft
    SW Cleveland 588 56* DG Sensicore S-300 ( old dependable)
    Putter- 1997 Scotty Cameron Santa Fe Bulls Eye fluted shaft rusty and lead taped as heck named "Rusty"
    Bag-- Jones Classic non stand
    Founding Father of Outlaw Golf Association member #1---- Play what you want **** the USGA & R&A
    Redneck Hippie Golf When the Tailgate drops the BS Stops
    Toney Penna Model 1 Aldila HM-40
    3&4 woods Macgregor DX Keyhole steel TT R
    Irons 2 thru 9 1954 Hogan Precision TT green or 1980 Macgregor VIP 3 thru PW Hogan Apex #2 shafts " The famous Bastardized Macs"
    PW Hogan White Cameo 50* Hogan Apex Wedge
    SW Macgregor LRA 56* S-400 DJ Special-- Will rotate out when old dependable does not behave
    Putter ( subject to change) Lil David 8802
    Bag Old School Power Bilt orange mini staff
  • Steele47Steele47 Advanced Members Posts: 1,133 ✭✭
    Nice bag. I especially like those Wilson wedges. I'm with Stu on the head cover question being a non issue. Hit em well!
  • Qqq123xxQqq123xx I wake up take a few steps and am in a haze the rest of the day. Advanced Members Posts: 6,192 ✭✭
    Purple Haze bro, Purple Haze. More color is always good. And agree with Belushi above.....liking the wedges.
    Callaway Razr X Black 9.5 stiff
    Callaway Razr X Black 4wd. stiff
    Wilson CI9 4-gw. TT reg.
    Cleveland RTG Wedges TT reg. 52,56.
    Nxt Tour.
    Cleveland Classic #4
  • mgolfmgolf gripsexpress ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 11
    I like that Bettinardi putter. They make great feeling putters.
  • Hanlpa01Hanlpa01 Members Posts: 35
    Same on the headcover. My thoughts are that if it comes with the club, any color is fair game. Otherwise I like them to match.
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