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Lucas Bjerregaard - WITB 2019

GolfWRXGolfWRX Team GolfWRXMarshals Posts: 8,089 mod


  • nova6868nova6868 Advanced Members Posts: 4,677 ✭✭
    Wow that Timeless 2 is nice. I would game it.
  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Advanced Members Posts: 7,040 ✭✭
    Love seeing the same shafts throughout the bag. This is kind of how I lean when it comes to shaft selection... changing flight through the head and to keep the feel consistent so you can time everything the same.
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  • mmarlermmarler Lefty Boomers, Advanced Members Posts: 1,166 ✭✭
    A simple perfect bag of sticks.
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  • ForTourUseOnlyForTourUseOnly 009M SSS WeldNeck Advanced Members Posts: 1,038 ✭✭
    Odd to have the same weight shafts in Driver, 3 wood and 5 wood, especially since after cutting them down the 5 wood shaft would be quite a bit lighter than the driver shaft, but whatever works I guess
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  • GoIrish17GoIrish17 Advanced Members Posts: 5,513 ✭✭
    The sole of that 56 looks slightly strange.
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  • Railroading13Railroading13 NebraskaAdvanced Members Posts: 593 ✭✭
    A player's bag right there. Doesn't get any simpler or timeless

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  • andrieddleandrieddle Advanced Members Posts: 1,793 ✭✭
    Typical Titleist bag....simple borderline boring but definitely works
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  • nohny nokenohny noke Advanced Members Posts: 2,050 ✭✭
    I bjerregaard this as a classic bag.
  • collindm1collindm1 Members Posts: 54
    good looking bag and putters
  • trying2scratchtrying2scratch Advanced Members Posts: 1,052 ✭✭
    GoIrish17 wrote:

    The sole of that 56 looks slightly strange.

    Looks like the rear flange where the word Titleist usually is was ground down to almost create an undercut. Perhaps an alternative to porting to reduce weight?

    Looks like the sole remained fairly intact so can't really see any other reasons why. Or perhaps by removing weight there it would reposition the cog higher? Creating a lower flight?
  • nova6868nova6868 Advanced Members Posts: 4,677 ✭✭

    Odd to have the same weight shafts in Driver, 3 wood and 5 wood, especially since after cutting them down the 5 wood shaft would be quite a bit lighter than the driver shaft, but whatever works I guess

    I agree you don't see that much anymore but from what I recall it was fairly common for decades. The 5-wood shaft will be lighter but also stiffer due to tipping and also just being shorter.

  • pcs11pcs11 Advanced Members Posts: 1,139 ✭✭
    I love his iron setup. T-Mb, Ap2, CB, and MB all mixed in.
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  • jonn443jonn443 Jonnystx Advanced Members Posts: 4,567 ✭✭
    Now THAT'S what a Scotty Cameron should look like...Pure, Simple, and absolutely gorgeous.
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  • alecfeltmanalecfeltman AMF Advanced Members Posts: 1,555 ✭✭
    Love the tensei. Seems Lucas does too
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