The definition of golf- 20 stroke difference in 2 rounds

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Been striking the ball really good the past 2 weeks, really feeling the Srixon 785 iron love. Me and a buddy of mine played last week, course was playing 6653 yards with a 134 slope, Shot 64 on a 2.1 index. It has been 15 years since I went that low and haven't really been close with most scores in the mid to high 70's. Fast forward to last Friday, different course playing 6439 yards and a 131 slope and golf gives me the middle finger, 84. Played again today and the game is gone. I have visions of a golf voodoo doll with pins sticking out of it!


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    I know a guy who shot a 64 in a tourney and now has a big fat R next to his handicap. Sometimes on an outlier like that it's better to have amnesia when it's time to post.

    Nice round regardless.
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    LOL so true Pooh, so true. Amnesia it is image/secret.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':secret:' />
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    Home course, back to back days, 3 seasons ago, same weather

    6700, 73.8, 140

    68 .... then 86

    Same guy, once a clown, always a clown

    Some days you have it like The Fonz... next day you're Squiggy
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    G**f happens.
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    The Golf Gods giveth and the Golf Gods taketh away.......
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    It's kinda normal

    Shot a 92 while back, been yrs since I done that (didnt keep score officially but I can remember the holes and backtrack and it was bad)....felt like I never played

    Normal is mid 70....low 70 or under being good, high 70 being bad

    Idk why but it just happens...amazing pros can play so well consistently
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    Golf will do that sometimes all the time. I've had rounds where I couldn't hit a bad shot... two days later hit 3 greens.
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    That’s what keeps me coming back for more.
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    Didn't John Daly shoot 90 somewhere a few years ago?

    If you look at the leaderboards on you can see some pretty wide variances for some

    guys on their way to missing the cut. We don't usually hear about them but if you look at the full

    leaderboards you can see it happens every week to someone.
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    Yep. Cameron Champ shot 44 yesterday on the front with a birdie and he hits like 380.

    You have to put the bad stuff behind you.
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