Birdieball or Puttout Golf mat

sukkeunsukkeun Members Posts: 45 ✭✭
I am looking at them for possible purchase.

What are your thoughts on them?

Any information would be appreciated.



  • T.B.T.B. Posts: 127 ✭✭
    Birdie ball makes great products. No experience with the other.
  • ironmikey12ironmikey12 Members Posts: 127 ✭✭
    Love my birdieball. Just wish I got slightly shorter mat bc my basement is now finished and the thing is too long. Just checked the website for the first time since 2012 (when I purchased) and they look slightly more $$$. Really good product, though
  • aaronpolingaaronpoling Members Posts: 74
    I own a birdie ball and great quality. Have the same problem as ironmike in that it is too long. Purchased a skilz putting matt, while quality isn’t as good, it is nice to putt a ball to a hole
  • dlamb83dlamb83 Members Posts: 1,678 ✭✭ bump this old thread. I just want to give my input,as I got the puttout mat and mirror today. Both of them are very nice,and add the cup/perfect putt device and the overall package is just awesome!! Doesn’t take up too much room and you can just roll it up and store it away,take it out and roll it back out and it’s flat instantly. Overall price is ok. 89.99 for mat,74.99 for mirror,and then 29.99 for perfect putt cup device.

    The mirror is just,well,no words can say how well the aid just is. Scratch proof mirror,and the magnetic markers are great. Then add the gate and it really is the best mirror training aid you can get. A bit pricey,but it is small enough to put into your golf bag and take to course with you. Comes with carrying case too. You can move the magnetic markers anywhere in the mirror as under the mirror is a metal plate. It is not flimsy,but very sturdy and well built.Yes,it is just like the one Speith was using at a tournament. Added a pic to show set up of all 3 together. Just rolled it out in my bonus room for now,but really doesn’t take up much space if you have a free area.

  • dhartmann34dhartmann34 Posts: 650 ✭✭
    No experience with the Putt Out. But I've had my birdie ball over 3 years and I love it.
  • BigEx44BigEx44 Posts: 266 ✭✭
    My putting emporium!

    (Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate the's fine on my computer but somehow rotates when added to the forum...)
  • Another puttout user, like mine. Always rolls flat out the bag, I have the cup aswell but not the mirror, didn't realise they did one... Heads to a well known online retailer before the wife notices haha

  • Bushwood Country ClubBushwood Country Club Bushwood Country Club Posts: 837 ✭✭
    Birdie ball is amazing - custom length,width, hole configuration, grain, adjustable speed.... just like putting on real grass
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  • ruffellprefleyruffellprefley Members Posts: 2,022 ✭✭
    i’ve had both. both roll really nice. birdieball is less durable due to the foam construction. if you have a dog i’d suggest the puttout.
  • dhartmann34dhartmann34 Posts: 650 ✭✭
    I've had my birdieball for 3.5 years now. Absolutely love it. I even chip on it, although they say not to. A few things to note, it needs to be on a solid surface, like hardwood or cement. You also shouldn't wear shoes on it. Besides that, it rolls nice and it fun to putt on . And affordable.
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