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Thorbjorn Olesen - WITB 2019

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  • martinritchmartinritch Advanced Members Posts: 129
    Strange that Nippon haven’t brought the graphite on steel shaft to market yet. It seems to have been in prototype for ages
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  • alecfeltmanalecfeltman AMF Advanced Members Posts: 1,555 ✭✭
    Love this guy. Thunderbear

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  • brkuckbrkuck Advanced Members Posts: 1,610 ✭✭

    Strange that Nippon haven’t brought the graphite on steel shaft to market yet. It seems to have been in prototype for ages

    I was thinking the same thing the other day. Seems a few guys use it and it has stuck around for a while, so there has to be something there.
  • nova6868nova6868 Advanced Members Posts: 4,673 ✭✭
    I agree, I know Nippon loves prototypes but this is getting ridiculous.
  • jonn443jonn443 Jonnystx Advanced Members Posts: 4,565 ✭✭
    Let's see if he opts for the P7TW blades like a lot of the Nike guys have.
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  • ValtielValtiel Konica-Minolta Bizhub Advanced Members Posts: 1,777
    Interesting variation in shafts with his woods. I know he is a big draw guy, I wonder if the AD-DI setup is intended for more draw and the KKXD for less?
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  • andrieddleandrieddle Advanced Members Posts: 1,792
    He's sticking to PSI Tour for another year......they still look good or are they new set? looks really good for used irons...
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  • nmpete11nmpete11 Advanced Members Posts: 81
    Another beautiful putter.
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  • OldTomMorrisOldTomMorris Advanced Members Posts: 2,028 ✭✭
    edited March 9
    Interesting that he's switch back to TM woods, he switched away from TMs to Callaway Rogue at some point mid-season last year and won the Italian Open.

    Also grip switch from Iomic Sticky to Lamkin i-Line (supposed co-developed with Iomic).
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  • Broessner71Broessner71 Members Posts: 52 ✭✭
    Says a lot about using what works for you
  • ArniesArmy1234ArniesArmy1234 Advanced Members Posts: 82 ✭✭
    Those PSI tour irons are debatably the best TM has produced. They flat out perform
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