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Boogs2Boogs2 Turbulence is caused by air fishAdvanced Members Posts: 8,480
Treadmill that I've been using at home has started to act up though it is over 10+ years old and it wasnt a high end one.

I'm looking to get one (yes, I do have a gym membership, but I would like a treadmill for convenience on certain days and I'm trying to get at least 45 mins of cardio early in the morning) that can handle some running, mostly jogging and from what I've read, 3.0 HP should be more than enough for what I need plus it falls within the price range I'm looking at, under $1000 but preferably around 500-700.

Top choice right now is the Sole F63 but wanted to get others opinions.

Dont want a used one.

Thanks in advance!


  • highergr0undhighergr0und Advanced Members Posts: 10,131 ✭✭
    I've had a Sole F63 for 8 years and it's had zero issues. I don't use it all the time, but I'm still surprised at how it's held up.

    It's quite stable, although I don't run that fast, usually walk around 4 and run around 5.5 to 6, sometimes 7 mph for shorter distances
  • tuckmantuckman Advanced Members Posts: 1,096 ✭✭
    I have a sole f80 that has worked great since new. I bought a used sole e35 elliptical that was a good deal. No complaints on either.
  • Boogs2Boogs2 Turbulence is caused by air fish Advanced Members Posts: 8,480
    edited March 12
    Glad to hear the good reviews about Sole. I tried it out at Dicks Sporting Goods and it felt really solid and was happy with it. Probably going to pick one up in the next couple of weeks, hopefully there is some type of sale that'll pop up.

    @higherground, that's what I'm at, walk around 3-4 and then run/jog to about 5.5 and then sometimes I sprint at 7-8 for like 30 seconds. Hear nothing but good things about the motor and durability of Sole
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