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True Stories of A Super High Handicap Golfer Part 1

defender2803defender2803's over 9000!!Advanced Members Posts: 233 ✭✭
So it begins...

Many years ago I was introduced to golf when I took the Archery/Golf PE class in high school. This mainly consisted of shooting arrows into targets at 20 feet and going out with some random club and hitting into big circles in the field next to the stadium. I passed with flying colors (circles were really big and not far away).

Fast forward 25+ years (yes...really). I decide to go play at work's annual charity scramble. Hit up a guy on Craigslist and purchase a set of Northwestern clubs for $10 with bag, towel, and rain hood...what a deal...that rain hood is awesome! Take them home and clean them up...what is L Flex...? Picked up a big box of golf balls at Wally World, tees, a hat, and a glove. Up to about $40 total...I'm ready for GOLF!!!

Show up to the scramble early to get in some practice. Good thing to because the right side of me was clear of any one in the way of my errant shots. You can actually hit a golf ball sideways...didn't know that until that day. Pull out the "Whammo!" stick and sliced well enough to almost get out 50 yards...and 50 right. Well...once I get on the course I will do better.

Luckily I was playing with a group that was much worse than I. All told we made bogey every hole that was the rules...get to bogey and pick it up. I only went through about a dozen of the 18 pack of balls so I had that going for me...I would only need another 1/2 dozen for next year.

Of course coming in dead last meant a reward of free golf lessons. Wonderful news! We need them. was zig-zag rules for scoring and awards, we came in dead last. ??? I would have to wait another year to get my free lessons. Which turned into many years of not getting free lessons.

Stupid zig-zag.

As far as learning experiences...,"You mean the ball is supposed to go in different places when you hit different clubs? Know that I did not..."

Stay tuned for next week's episode when our hero has a friend with a country club membership... image/slow_en.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':slow_en:' />
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  • scomac2002scomac2002 Inside the Starters' Hut The Great White NorthAdvanced Members Posts: 5,252 ✭✭
    I'm looking forward to following this serial thread of one man's relationship with the game of golf. It's already beginning to sound a lot like my own! image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> Good stuff!
    Your problem is LOFT -- Lack of friggin' talent!

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    Good on ya for picking the game up. You will hit 1 or 2 good shots per round over the next few years that will keep you from quitting. You will quit 2 or 3 times, maybe’ll hate yourself for the vast majority of time you spend playing’ll wonder why God cursed you by introducing you to this game...and yet you may get through all of that and grow a love for this game like many of us. I don’t know of any other endeavor that can be both so maddening and intoxicating at the same time (actually now that I think about it, relationships with the opposite **** can be a lot like that too). Anyway, I don’t know of many other pursuits like the pursuit of getting better at golf.

    Enjoy it!!!

    (Oh, and good on ya for playing at your buddy’s club. I was always too self conscious to play any decent courses in my early days of golf. I played a lot of dog tracks, but they were perfect for a beginning golfer. Just make sure to learn the etiquette, learn to play quick and pick up a lot, and you will be welcomed back)
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    Op, hope you have a LOT of money, time, and money and time.

    Welcome to the best sport on the planet.
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