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Toulon Memphis vs Atlanta

cmatthews77cmatthews77 Advanced Members Posts: 795 ✭✭
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I'm looking to add a putter to test and want to try a mid-mallet shape and style and have narrowed it to these two. Problem is no one carries Toulon where I live so I can't test. I've searched before I started this thread but little available as a comparison.

Anyone tried both? Comparisons?

For reference I've previously used blades and experimented with a GoLo 3 before settling on an X7 last two seasons. I like it but want to try something a touch smaller.

I bought my son a Cleveland Huntington #6 which is a great value putter and I'm thinking it's similar to the Atlanta??

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  • GolfdoctorGolfdoctor Advanced Members Posts: 1,359 ✭✭
    They're both great putters, I like the Atlanta with the straight rear line easy to set up. Now my son is thinking of getting the Memphis because of the deep round head which he said helps keep the putter low to the ground for a smooth stroke.
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